Scared, wounded ,and worried

Hi I'm scarlet and I'm 18 what happens if this young girl get gets kaptured and used as a sex toy by on me direction will someone save her?!!


2. Oh so sweet


I felt somthing slide into bed next to me I woke up and looked over it was a boy with blond hair and a Irish accent who are u I asked I'm NIELL he said have me some water I'm not gonna b
Hurt u so all of NIELLs time we got to know each other its was 4:09 pm my shift is over love I said bye to him and he left leaveing Harry as a last one Harry got in bed with me we really hit it off he said he loved me and I said I loved him but we dident know for sure so we kept it low I went to bed after Harry's shift it was bout 7;10 so I went to sleep
she went to bed after I left I really like her NIELL Liem what do I do I don't want Louis or Zayn touching her just tell them then blurted NIELL fine I said when I did they acted understanding
But they were working somthing in there head Idk what's wrong with those two there just soo wired get ur own GFS I said and wAlked out !
Zayn since Harry LOVES her let's torment her badly got it got it he replied and we where up all night planning what we were gonna do in the morning Zayn started to jump her In hr sleep lol so funny ! To me
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