Scared, wounded ,and worried

Hi I'm scarlet and I'm 18 what happens if this young girl get gets kaptured and used as a sex toy by on me direction will someone save her?!!


4. I feel loved

harrys POV

Scarlet was shivering all night she wouldent stop I put my jacket and blanket around her and would not help she was scared if a dated her I could control Louis and Zayn I have to date her for her own good just before I had to leave I woke her up morning love I was wondering if u wanted to go out with me sure she said with pleasure and Louis came in with scratches on him and I gave him a evil look and thought man if looks could kill
They gave each other looks?!! Weird I sqwinches my eyes I think Harry looked back at me. Sqwinching cuz I heard a silence mabe before I heard the door open I was scared Harry couldent help it neither could anyone crying louis kiss me and made out Zayn did the same he had
Scratched too I wonder why when Leim came I dident eat or
Talk and same
With NIELL they were getting worried about me so they told Harry apparently cuz I heard him screaming and Louis and Zayn for hurting me and then it got
Quite and Louis came in with a piece of glass dish an gabbed it in my chest before Harry ran in I saw him bloody and scratched before my word went black
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