Scared, wounded ,and worried

Hi I'm scarlet and I'm 18 what happens if this young girl get gets kaptured and used as a sex toy by on me direction will someone save her?!!


5. I can't live with out u

Harry's POV

I looked at her as sh shut her eyes I was in pain Liem and NIELL rushed to her side while I fought Zayn nd Louis stop guys she still alive I grew a smile and ran over she was cough she lost blood though that's all no worries I was relived when I slammed louis to the hound and NIELL fought Zayn don't ever touch her again or ur dead ! I scream


I woke up to Liem wow what happened u blacked out uh my head ouch I can't lift up oh yah loui stabbed u with a dish piece in the chest and Harry is bleeding over there screaming in victory he won against Zayn and Louis I got up nomatter the pain and ran to Harry and hugged him Liem left to see NIELL and kissed Harry slow and LOVLY idc if he's bloody he's my man I love him I wasent treated as a slave anymore it was calmer everyone got along well and Harry
And I got engaged yay soo excited for our wedding
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