Scared, wounded ,and worried

Hi I'm scarlet and I'm 18 what happens if this young girl get gets kaptured and used as a sex toy by on me direction will someone save her?!!


1. Kidnapped

I was walking in my new town alone I the dark and someone shut my mouth an. Dragged me home they knocked me out though when I woke up I was in a bed the room was dark there was a boy standing staring at me and kissed me I asked him who he was he dident asnwer he got undressed and pulled me undressed too he made out with me the then called somone else in the room I was thinking to myself that basturd is useing me as a sex toy I was scared who or what was gonna happen next a boy with messy brown hair swayed to the side came in he shut the door I asked " who are u " I'm ur worst nightmare he said and made out with me I freaked he called I guy in I head him say somthing that starts with and L.... And when he came in he was fully clothed gave me food and I asked him who are u he said I'm Liem I said ur from one direction he said yah me Harry and NIELL don't want to hurt u but Louis and Zayn love sex so watch out " yah I think I noticed already Liem...!i can tell well luckily Harry and NIELL are next so ur safe with them good luck in the morning he said kissing me on the cheek and letting me go to bed
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