Make you mine.

Niall wants a girl that eats as much as him( which is a lot), loves to have fun and doesn't act too girly girl. He found his girl and is a fan, it was too late to tell her how he felt and is gone without even knowing her name but luckily left her purse behind.
Will he find her or look for her. This could be another Cinderella story.


2. I will find you,no matter what.

The boys helps to clear up the mess after the event. As Niall chucks the litters in the bin , he saw the milkshake cup that Stacy was drinking from.

Niall screamed " OMG , this is the cup, this could be a sign, maybe I am destined to meet the love of my life" . he happily jumps toward the boys with a grin from ear to ear.

harry asks Niall " what are you on about, are you on drugs"

Zayn replies to harry" basically, there's this fan he really loves but then lost her and doesn't even know her name".

Harry headlocks Niall messing his hair and says " there's millions of girls out there, live your life man".

Niall pushes harry away from him and seriously replies "you wouldn't understand Harry, she's the one I love and I want her ".

Harry grabs Niall and shouts at his face " you cant just love a random fan in a crowd , your annoying,crazy and acting like a total maniac!!!"

Niall looked as if he was going to cry.

Zayn quickly comes in between them and exclaims" HARRY!, what's wrong with you and leave Niall alone."

Harry storms out of the room and furiously demands " don't talk to me"

Niall goes up to Zayn  and hugs him as tight as he could whispering" I shall find her, will you help"

Zayn pushes Niall away and says " dude look at you , maybe harry is right. you need help. Just let go of this girl you love because she is getting you all paranoid and you might never meet her"

" we will see about that" Niall says under his breath

Zayn curiously asks" what did you say

" nothing" Niall replies

Zayn cleans up the mess and asks Niall " I am going to go right now so do you want to come"

Niall says" no!, I will wait for her "

"okay whatever, but turn of the light when you come out" Zayn shrugs.  





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