Make you mine.

Niall wants a girl that eats as much as him( which is a lot), loves to have fun and doesn't act too girly girl. He found his girl and is a fan, it was too late to tell her how he felt and is gone without even knowing her name but luckily left her purse behind.
Will he find her or look for her. This could be another Cinderella story.


1. Will I ever see you again.

Its a warm cosy afternoon, fans chasing after one direction and asking for a picture. There's one girl that caught Niall's eyes and fell in love with her instantly. He went up to her as she was drinking her milkshake and holding her fries on the other hand.She stares at Niall with her emerald eyes and drinks her milkshake constantly.

"stop, you'll explode" cries Niall. she puts her milkshake down and looks up at Niall.

Niall leans over and wipes Stacy cheek , giving her the goose bumps and says " you had milkshake on your cheek".

Niall eagerly asks Stacy " so what's your name"

Stacy replies " my name is ....." she couldn't finish her line because her friend dragged her away . " we need to get home now!" demanded her friend.

Niall screams " wait", Stacy turns around and smiles mysteriously  leaving Niall astonished. 

He says in his head" why didn't I stop her, now I've lost her forever " , he goes toward the boys looking sad.

" vas happening my boy " says zayn, trying to cheer him up.

Paul their manager goes toward Niall,  rubbing his back saying " what's wrong my pal". Niall stays silent and looks back at the door that Stacy stepped out off .

Zayn went up to Niall again and asks "dude , what's wrong.

Niall burst out in to tear mumbling " I've lost her now, she's gone!"

Zayn looks confused and replies " who is her?"

Niall wipes his tears down his cheek and says " that's my problem. I don't even know her name".

zayn is still confused and protects Niall from the crazy fans seeing him broke down. Questions are going round and cameras crowding around Niall , asking " what's wrong Niall".

Niall grabs the microphone from one of the reporters and cries "leave me alone"








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