Dare To Dream <3

Meila Goodsir wasn't exactly in the best famliy in the world. When she meets Harry STyles she flips.... flips head over heels in love. READ TO FIND OUT MORE! xoxoxoxox


2. "Umm we're lost?"

"Woops, Sorry. I'm a bit lost around here. Do you know the directions to the town square?" i ask stupidly.

"Uh, no, we don't live here sorry. We're just on tour." Liam said

"Wait... you guys are famous?" i ask, hopefully sounding persuasive.

"Yeah, One Direction ring any bells?" Louis asks.

"Ah.... nope." Shelton plays it cool.

"Oh.. well thats strange." Zayn says.

"Mmm, do you guys have a spare bed for two homeless girls?" Shelton asks.

"We do infact! but only one room..." Liam Laughs.

"Liam! You can't go round giving our extra bed to strangers!" Simon yells.

"Oh, are we strangers? Im Shelton Perkins. From London and i love to Dance and Draw." Shelton says proudly.

"You like to draw? No way! I love to draw aswell!" Zayn says excited.

"Haha, I'm Meila. From London and i love to Dance and create." I say.

"Wow." Liam says amazed. Yet Harry just looked star struck. They both blush madly and if i wasn't wrong, i think the both had a soft spot for me...

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