Dare To Dream <3

Meila Goodsir wasn't exactly in the best famliy in the world. When she meets Harry STyles she flips.... flips head over heels in love. READ TO FIND OUT MORE! xoxoxoxox


1. The Concert

Harrys POV

We were sweating to our hearts content. Thank goodness this is our last song until we have a long summer break. The song is finishing and it's my line. "Thats what makes you beautiful." I sing, the fans going crazy at the sound of my voice. "We have the best fans ever! Goodnight Christchurch!" Liam screams into the microphone. We leave the stage, struggling to find breath. Then Niall breaks the silence. "So are we going to Nandos or not?" "Nandos!" Louis screams. "Well you have to get changed first." Simon says. Of to the changing rooms we go, so we can get there quick.

Meilas POV

"That was the best concert ever!" I scream pulling Shelton through the crowd of screaming fans. "I feel like Nandos. I'll shout you." Shelton says. "Yes! Thanks Shel!" I shout as we walk the short block to Nandos.

When we arrive I order a Pita Pit with chicken & Shelton orders a chicken salad. "Our usuall table please."  Shelton tells the man. He nods and directs us to a window seat. Suddenly, five familier boys walk in. Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn. "Okay Shel, we are going to bump into them and say we are lost & that we need a place to stay." I demand. Shelton nods in approval. 


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