Impossible Decisions

Emma is a 16 year old Directioner. She's been one of their fans since they became famous. She's been there since the X Factor. Like all the other fans, she would love to meet them. Her life is about to change when she gets an unexpected visit from them, and she'll soon realize the impossible decisions she has to make.


1. Freedom

  Lucy's P.O.V

"Lucy get up or we'll miss our flight!" my mom yelled again. My parents always go to Hawaii. They're there like every other week. I didn't care though, because during summer vacation they were gone all 3 months and didn't come back until September 30. I got dressed and got in the car.  I had to wait forever until they came out. I had to go with them so I could take the car back home. They got out of the car and I said goodbye and drove off. Right when I got home I called my best friend Emma.

"Hey Emma, I'm finally free, they just left." I said before she could say anything. We were on summer vacation, and qith no chaperones, we could do whatever we wanted to do.

"Ok, so what's your plan for today?" she asked, as she tried to awaken from her beauty sleep.

"Well, I saved up my money to get... 1D tickets!!!" I said hoping to wake her up a little. That must've done the trick, soon she was jumping up and down screaming.

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