They Don't Know About Us

14 year old Elle was a normal freshman in high school. She always dreamed of the day she would meet Mr. right. Who would've known A curly haired, green eyed, British boy could steal her heart in an old stairwell. But can they take everyone's disapproval.

Btw i love the song my book is named after its so relatable. Hope you enjoy! Oh and express your opinion this only my 3rd fanfic so i might not make sense most of the time.

~This story is completely finished~


2. Wreck it Ralph

Harry's P.O.V.~

Within minutes after Elle left Louis came running down the stairs. "We Have to go! Police coming." I followed Louis out into the parking lot and quickly spotted his Audi. I jumped into the passenger side just as the Liam, Niall, And Zayn climbed in the back seat. Louis started the car and soon we were on the highway headed to our hotel.

About 10 fans were standing outside the lobby when we pulled up. They screamed at us when we walked by i covered my ears because i hated the sound of screaming girls. The boys followed my lead into the elevator. We were all on the same floor so we got to our rooms quickly.                

Me and Louis shared a room while Niall and Liam shared a room leaving Zayn with a room all to himself. Once safely in the room i asked Louis, "So you find anything at the high school?" He grimaced. "Only how nasty that place was i swear in one of the boys bathroom there was shit on one of the walls." I shuddered. How were Americans so filthy.

"By the look on your face, i bet you met a girl." Crap was it that obvious. Plus Louis could read me like an open book. "Actually i did. She was amazingly beautiful and had a great sense of humor. I even got her number." I smiled at the thought of texting her. "Congragulations, Hazza too bad we will have to go back to England in a week or so." I frowned. I didn't think about that. That doesn't give me enough time. I shrugged it off. Who cares i'll make the most of it. With nothing more to say Louis went to take a shower.

Somehow i ended up texting Elle.

To: Elle~ Hey its creepy stalker guy. :)

It only took a few minutes for her to reply. 

From: Elle~ Hey what's crakalackin broskey?

I chuckled i loved how she had her own language. 

To: Elle~ Want to go see a movie or something?

From: Elle~ Sure, Wreck it Ralph, 7:30, At the UA.

To: Elle~ See you there. ;)

I checked the time. It was almost 6:30. Perfect just enough time. I jumped off the bed and started to get ready. 

Within an Hour i was headed to the movie theater ready for this "date." I wondered if things were moving to fast. Naw, i only have a week, better start early. Still thinking to myself my mind ran through the topic of our age difference. She was younger than me but i kinda liked it. Maybe i can show her the ropes of life.

Soon i was asking the ticket booth lady for 2 tickets for Wreck it Ralph. "Oh my goodness, Your Harry freaking Styles. I'm selling tickets to Harry Styles." She exclaimed. I smiled and prepared myself for screaming but she calmed herself down, and asked for a autograph. Once i got the tickets i stood by the door waiting for Elle. It was almost 7:40 when she finally showed up.

"Sorry i'm late my sister is the slowest driver ever." I smiled and said it's alright. I handed her the ticket, and we went into the movie. Halfway through the previews i looked over at her. She looked the the same as she did at the school but the light from the screen showed of her beautiful face. I took this chance to really look at her.

She had dirty blonde hair almost a brunette color but here eyes were a sky blue and her lips were a perfect shape. Her lips were so tempting as well, i wanted to kiss her right there. But i knew it wasn't the right time yet, instead i grabbed a hold of her hand.

Elle moved her eyes from the screen to her hand then to me. I smiled and hoped she wouldn't pull away. She smiled back and returned her attention back to the movie screen. I'm glad she didn't mind that things were moving a little fast but i wanted to get to know her before my time was up.

Authors note- Things are moving way fast but i like it let me know what ya think down in the comments goodnight beauties


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