They Don't Know About Us

14 year old Elle was a normal freshman in high school. She always dreamed of the day she would meet Mr. right. Who would've known A curly haired, green eyed, British boy could steal her heart in an old stairwell. But can they take everyone's disapproval.

Btw i love the song my book is named after its so relatable. Hope you enjoy! Oh and express your opinion this only my 3rd fanfic so i might not make sense most of the time.

~This story is completely finished~


22. I'll come back

Elle's P.O.V.~

Opening my eyes i let the bright light from the window soak in. Where am i? I looked at my surroundings. I'm in a bed hooked up to an IV, a tray of food was to my left, Harry was sitting in a chair to my right, asleep. My head ached and i reached up to touch my forehead but only felt cloth. Freaking out i tried to jump out of the bed i was in, but fell on the floor again because my left leg wasn't working right.

Suddenly awake, Harry sprang to my side and helped me back onto the bed, then left to go get a nurse. At least that's what he said. I lied back down too weak to do anything else, wondering what happened to leave me in such horrible condition. Soon a nurse walked in. "How are you feeling Elle? Any pain? Soreness?" I nodded my head to all of those and she pressed a button on my IV, releasing what i think is a pain killer that soon devoured most of the pain.

 Testing my voice, i cleared my throat. "So, now that we have that out of the way care to explain why i'm here?" The nurse frowned and i looked at Harry who was close to crying, but still spoke. "A taxi ran into you which left you in a coma, it also shattered you ribs and broke your leg. And..."  His voice trembled which released the tears that he fought so hard to keep in. Memories came flooding back. The studio, Taylor Swift, the pain i felt when she kissed Harry, and the most crucial part of it all... "The baby?"

Harry didn't answer me, instead he came to me and wrapped me in his arms. " The baby didn't make it..." My hands flew to my mouth, this couldn't be happening. The baby can't be gone, it must still be in my stomach. Frantically i rubbed my stomach but i didn't feel anything even my little baby bump was gone. "No!!!! Your lying, this can't be real, the baby can't be gone, i was going to be a mother!!!! I was going to name it Alec if it was a boy and Alena if it was a girl, so no she/he can't be gone!!!!!!" I screamed at Harry while i thrashed to get out of his arms.

He didn't let go and i kept fighting. Tears poured out of my eyes, when i finally gave up and crumbled into his arms. "Why?" My sobs continued as he stroke my head. "What about my parents?" Harry sighed and sat up to meet my eyes. "I told them everything and they're on a plane to London now to take you home."

Breathing seemed nonfunctional as i tried to cope with them knowing everything. What did they think? Surely, my dad's pissed at Harry and me. "Elle, listen to me. Everything will be fine you're alive that's all that matters." It felt like someone hit me. "I shouldn't be, the baby should've made it." Oh no, hear comes the tears again. Harry tried to pull me into his arms but i pushed him away. 

He sighed then sat down in the chair next to my bed and began texting on his phone. I turned on the T.V. to find a news channel covering a story. About to change the channel the news reporter said my name.

-"Elle, the 14 year old mystery girl is revealed. She is the girl seen with Harry in all of these pictures. (Pictures of me in my hoodies flashed onto the screen) Rumor has it they met in America, when One Direction went on a surprise trip. Harry fell in love and brought her back with him to London. But their love story doesn't stop there. Turns out she was pregnant, and Harry was the father. The couple was last seen at Harold Wood Hospital, when Elle was in an accident. (They showed a picture of me on a  stretcher and Harry beside me) A source has now told us that she has lost the baby. We give our prayers to both of them, and we hope Directioners will too."

With those last words the news went to commercial. I was speechless. My throat was in my stomach and tears were blinding my eyes. Glancing at Harry i saw he was in the same condition. Clicking off the T.V, we sat in silence.

"I-I-I'm so sorry, Elle. This never should've happened." Harry stuttered still not looking at me. Carefully i stood up balancing most of my weight on my right leg i made my way over to Harry.  He still hadn't noticed me as he stared out the window. Losing my balance i barely made it into his lap. Jerking his head around to face me he pulled me closer to him. I pulled up my legs up to my chest while wrapping my arms around Harry's neck. 

"You know i always thought i would never find my prince, yet when i gave up on love you came walking down that stairwell. I fell in love with you, and if we didn't lose... the baby i would still be happy because i know you would still be there for me." I hadn't known i'd been crying until then. Everything was still so hard to deal with, like a constant battle. Again, we sat not speaking until Harry turned my head toward his. "I will love you forever and always, and i will never stop fighting for you." We kissed like we never kissed before. Passion and lust were flowing from the kiss and throughout my body. 

At that moment my family barged into the room. "How dare you even touch my daughter after what you put her through. Getting her pregnant, then letting her get hit by a car. This is all your fault you son of a bitch." My dad shouted at Harry. Picking me up of his lap Harry sat me on the bed, then stood up to face my dad. "I'm sorry sir, this is my fault. Every since we find out she was pregnant, I've been beating myself up about it, now i blame myself for her accident which made her loose the baby. Even though i've done nothing but ruin her life, i love her to death. Maybe someday you see that."

Harry stood his ground towering over my dad. They glared at eachother, and i could tell my dad was getting angrier by the second. "You have no right to talk to me like that you filthy piece of shit!" Before anybody could stop him my Dad took his fist and punched him in the face. Harry fell to the ground with his nose bleeding everywhere. Screaming i threw myself over him before dad could take another swing. "If you love me, you won't hurt him ever again!"

My dad wouldn't answer me he just left the room. Leaving my mother, Henry, my sister, and Harry alone. "Let me get you some ice for that nose." Mom said as she left to get ice. Henry came over to me and pulled me into a hug. "I've missed you, and mommy and Daddy keep fighting, but i'm glad your okay. Are you coming home now?" He asked all at once. Tears streaming down my face I squeezed his tiny body, then looked him in the eye. "I promise i'll come home and fix everything." Henry smiled and gave me another hug before looking at Harry. "I don't see why daddy hates you so much because your like the brother i've never had."

It was Harry's turn to smile, he tussled Henry's hair with his blood-free hand. When my mom came back into the room Henry retreated back to my sister's side. I took the bag of ice from my mom then gently placed against Harry's nose. "I think I should get going before your dad comes back." He stood up and grabbed his coat from the chair. I grabbed his hand, "Wait... are you just going to leave?"

Harry sighed then turned to face me. "I don't have much of a choice, but i promise, I'll come back." With that he kissed my forehead and left leaving my heart aching for him to walk back in, but he never did.


It's now midnight, and i'm laying in the  hospital bed while my family is sleeping around me. In a couple of days i will be free to leave the hospital and go back home. I tried not to think of Harry and how i will be leaving him behind. All i had to go on was his promise of coming back. So, as i drifted to a state of sleep i replayed Harry's promise in my head.

~Author's note: Sorry for the long wait it's been a long weekend and i haven't really been home to write. But i hope you enjoy this chapter (even though it's short),  also it pains me to say this but i think this story is almost done, but i don't really know yet. Just stay tuned and thanks for reading this far. Comment/favorite/like is appreciated greatly, this is a part of my life now and i like to share it with you. Well fair-well Beauties~

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