They Don't Know About Us

14 year old Elle was a normal freshman in high school. She always dreamed of the day she would meet Mr. right. Who would've known A curly haired, green eyed, British boy could steal her heart in an old stairwell. But can they take everyone's disapproval.

Btw i love the song my book is named after its so relatable. Hope you enjoy! Oh and express your opinion this only my 3rd fanfic so i might not make sense most of the time.

~This story is completely finished~


11. I need you.

Elle's P.O.V.~

After Simon showed up everyone hasn't been the same. We all left the laser tag place and went back to the boy's hotel to talk to Simon. Truthfully, i was scared to death. Simon seemed like another a clone of my father, he was strict, mean, and likes to be in charge. Instantly i knew me and him wouldn't get along to well.

"Are you alright, Elle?" Harry glanced at me. I shook my head no. He sighed and took a hold of my hand intertwining my fingers. "Simon's, not such a bad guy, but he just doesn't want us to blow off our career, hell, if anything he's mad at us for coming to America without telling him." My body eased up a little but i was still terrified. "I don't want to lose you." Harry smiled and quickly kissed me while we were stopped at a red light. "You won't i promise.

There was no more conversation for the rest of the drive back to the hotel, partly because Rylea went with Niall, and partly because there was no words to be spoken. By the time we reached the hotel it was almost 2. My tummy growled, Crap, i haven't eaten all day.

We walked into the lobby without having to run into any fans, surprisingly. Once we arrived at the hotel room where we were going to talk to Simon, my stomach was starting to do funny things. "Harry, i can't go in there." He froze and turned my face so we were looking into each other's eyes. Not having to say anything i got the message he was trying to tell me, so i took one last breath then walked into the hotel room with my fingers intertwined with Harry's.

"Glad to see you two have finally made, take a seat." Simon pointed to the bed. I glanced around the room and caught worried faces from all for of the boys and even Rylea was looking at me in pity.

"I know, you to may be head over heels for each other now but in a couple of days you will come to your senses and see just how foolish it was. Harry think about it, you'll be back in England in a couple of days. And Elle, i'm sure your parents can't approve of this, and i sense that they don't know. Also Elle think of the negative attention from fans, the press, the boy's management. So, i suppose you and Harry break it off now before it gets too serious. And Harry to get you back on track i have hired an American actor to be your girlfriend, so the fan's can forget about the whole Elle incident. How does this all sound."

Simon was smiling, he had a fucking grin on his face. How did he think that we just be cool with this. I wanted to rip his head off, this was unfair. Tears started to roll down my cheeks, i tried to suppress them back but i couldn't. My emotions were uncontrollable. "That sound's Horrible. Just because i'm some 14 year old girl, from Texas doesn't make me good enough for your precious Harry! Your a fucking prick, Simon. Have fun with your little boy band, because surprise, surprise, I don't care what you do to them but just remember, we are humans too!" 

Tears we water-falling out of my eyes and i couldn't bare to look at anyone's face, so i just ran.    I stormed through the lobby and was greeted with paparazzi. "How is your relationship with Harry? Have you met Simon yet? Do you think people will approve?" Questions spilled out of the man's with cameras. Every where i turned i couldn't escape. Without thinking i pushed a guy over and just sprinted away from the hotel, away from Harry, away from love.


I had been walking aimlessly for almost an hour. The sun was already setting, i knew i should call my dad to have him pick me up but i could bring myself to do it. Dried up tears covered my faces and i didn't want to think about the mascara that was probably ruined now. My hands, were starting to go numb from the cold. Soon, i gave in and dialed my Dad's number.

"Dad?" I said my voice trembling i held back the tears that i knew were fixing to come. "What's wrong sweetie-pie?" Why was he being kind to me? I don't deserve this kindness. "Can you come pick me up? I'm by the Walmart on Georgia." He said that he will be there in a little bit.

When my dad pulled up 10 minutes later i tried my best to cover my face. I didn't want him to see me like this. Opening the car door i pulled myself into the front seat. "What happened to you?" We didn't make eye contact. "Nothing." My dad let the topic go and we were silent. r

Once home i ran to my room and locked myself. Repeatedly my sister came and try to get me to let her in but i just screamed at her til she went away. Nobody was worth talking to right now. I tried to fall asleep but i couldn't  all i could think of was Harry and how much i needed him right now.

Harry's P.O.V.~

When Simon told us his plan i just couldn't believe it. My throat dried up and my heart stopped beating. I had nothing to say i was mute. Elle, looked the same as i did but instead she was filled with anger. Tears toppled out of her gorgeous blue eyes, as she yelled at Simon. I wanted to wrap her in my arms and calm her down, but i knew that would only make things worse. So, i let her leave.

30 minutes later i'm crumbled on the bed wishing i would have glued her to me. Simon had left shortly after Elle did, because he knew his work here was done. Louis tried to getme to talk to him but i wouldn't, i don't want to talk to anyone, except Elle.

Hours passed by like minutes. I had layed in the same spot for over 4 hours. My body wouldn't  function. Sleep never came, i lied there thinking of Elle and what we could've been.

Morning came with no notice and Louis found me still crumbled.  "Harry stop being so daft and go get her, i'm sure she's doing the exact same thing as you are, or maybe even worse." I grimaced at the image of her in as much pain as i was.

Springing up i told Louis, "Your right mate!" I didn't even put shoes on i just ran to the truck that was supposed to be Elle's. The engine roared to life and soon i was headed to Elle's house.



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