They Don't Know About Us

14 year old Elle was a normal freshman in high school. She always dreamed of the day she would meet Mr. right. Who would've known A curly haired, green eyed, British boy could steal her heart in an old stairwell. But can they take everyone's disapproval.

Btw i love the song my book is named after its so relatable. Hope you enjoy! Oh and express your opinion this only my 3rd fanfic so i might not make sense most of the time.

~This story is completely finished~


18. I love everything.

Elle's P.O.V.~

Once we got to the airport we were bombarded by fans, luckily i had my hood pulled up and my sunglasses on, so no-one noticed me. "Elle, over here!" I heard a familiar voice shout at me. Looking in the direction the voice had come from i saw Rylea waving frantically at me. My face lit up as i sprinted over to her, we ran into a hug. "I thought i wouldn't have the chance to say goodbye."

She laughed then released me. "Well, turns out we don't have to say goodbye because i'm coming along to." My jaw dropped and i hugged her once more. "That is the best news ever, but how?" Again we parted as she walked over to a talking Niall and grabbed his hand. "This cutie, talked my parents into letting me come stay with them until New years." She smiled at Niall, while he blushed. I stood admiring them until i felt a hand on my back, still incredibly happy i let my emotions go wild and kissed whoever was behind me. Thankfully, it was the one person i was aiming for. 

"Okay, love-bugs, but unless y'all wanna miss our plane, you need to move ya bootays." Louis sarcastically yelled while pushing us forward. Harry let out a grown, then took my bags while we began to follow their security guards towards our flight.

Soon we were all sitting comfortably in the coach section of the plane. As excited as i was i couldn't help but feel my eyes start to droop. Straight after we took off my head crashed onto Harry's shoulder, causing me to fall into a deep sleep. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~13 hours later

Turns out i slept the whole entire flight, which is weird because i usually can't sleep on planes. I shrugged it off and stood up to stretched my aching body. "Elle, this way." Harry called to me and i followed him until we were inside the London airport.

My eyes and ears explored the airport only to find disappointment because it was just like an American one, just with prettier accents. The people were still rushing, still rude, and still irritating. Yep, this is just like America.

Boggled out of my thoughts, bodyguards started to usher us towards baggage claim. Out in the open crowd girls started to recognize the boys and soon enough we were hounded by British screaming girls. I pulled up my hood, put on my shades, then continued to walk in the direction we were heading. About 50 feet away i stopped, turned around and found that the boys were no longer behind me, they were trapped in a pod of clawing teenage girls.

I waited for a bit, but they still could not escape, i searched for Rylea who had just came through the group of people. Her hair was messed up and her sweater was hanging off her shoulder. "Those girls are savage beasts!" She shouted trying to beat the loudness of screams. Chuckling i dropped the bag i had been carrying on the floor, ready to wait. "Ladies, if you follow me i can take you to the car because i don't think the boys will be out anytime soon." Sighing picked up my bag then followed the man out to "the car." Darn, it sounded better when he said it.

After what seemed like hours the boys finally climbed into the limo looking very exhausted. "Rough Night?" I asked sarcastically. Niall huffed then lied his head against the window while intertwining his hand with Rylea's. "You have no clue." Liam, Louis, and Zayn said simultaneously. A second later Harry slid into the seat next to me. I noticed some red stuff on his arm, freaking out i grabbed his arms. "Styles, your bleeding! Band-aid, i need a band-aid!  Pronto!" Everyone busted out laughing, including Harry, the injured one. 

Frustrated that no one took me seriously i crossed my arms. "Ah, c'mon Elle, it's not that bad. Believe me, it happens all the times." Harry explained while stroking my arm. I looked up to see all the boys nodding their heads. Uncrossing my arms i kissed Harry's arm, then his cheek. "Ahhhhhh, my eyes, it burns!" Louis screamed.

When we arrived at Harry's flat, only him and i got out of the car. The rest of the boys yelled goodbye and see you later, while i just waved and said the same thing. I grabbed my bags from the trunk and started to haul them inside. We took the elevator to the top floor where Harry's rather expensive flat  was. Opening the front door my mouth dropped to the floor.

His flat was huge, it shouldn't even be called a flat. There were 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 living-rooms, a ginormous kitchen, a dining room, and a party room, that were all on the top floor. "How, in the heck do you live here?" I wondered aloud as i observed every part of the flat. "You haven't even seen the best part."

He took my hand leading me to a staircase, when he froze. Confused, i had to be sarcastic, "Great staircase?" He giggled then shook his head no and motioned for me to go up the stairs. Carefully i climbed the stairs, reaching the top, my eyes popped out of my head. Standing before me was a bedroom but not just a bedroom, the roof was a dome and the moonlight was shining through, making the room look even more magnificent. My eyes gazed across the room until i saw the balcony that stretched around the dome. 

Without a second to waist i leaning on the balcony breathing London in. From here you can see the Big Ben, The Queens Palace, The London Eye, and the busy cars rushing by below. "Like it?" Harry asked while kissing my neck. "I love everything." Smiling i turned around and passionately kissed him. Still kissing he pushed me up against the glass and started to nibble on my neck. I moaned which caused him to harden while he continued to suck on my neck. Moaning again i rolled us on the glass so i was kissing his neck. He started to moan, but before i could be satisfied a sharp pain came from my stomach. Screaming i crumbled into a ball clutching my stomach.

"What's wrong? Is it the baby?" Hearing those words the pain in my stomach went away without a trace just like how it had came. Cautiously, i stood up gripping on to Harry's arm. "Whatever pain that was it's gone now, I'm fine." I reassured a very frightened Harry. He smiled and pulled me into a hug. "Would a bath help?" I bite my lip and nodded while starting to strip of my sweatshirt. Harry was quickly following my lead.

Once all the we had candles lit and the largest bathtub in the flat was filled with hot water and bubbles we eased ourselves in. Harry was on one end while i was at the other with our legs intertwined. We sat like that for a while before he motioned me to come closer. I crawled over to him and sat between his legs. He started to massage my shoulders. "How are you only 15, to me you seem more mature than that. Maybe it's how you handle things." Harry said randomly. "And how to i handle things?" He sighed and continued rubbing my shoulders. "No matter what the situation your always extremely calm unless someone really pisses you off, but with this little thing inside you..." He started to rub my belly. "You've been so strong and calm." 

Tears threatened to pour out of my eyes. "I'm not strong Harry, i'm weak. If i waited until i was older no of this..." I patted my stomach "Would have happened, i was too weak to keep abstinent, now i'm to weak to deal with the consequence." Swiping at my tears i tried to pull away from Harry, but he gripped onto me even tighter. "You are not weak, your the strongest person i know, and i love you for that. Through thick and thin i will always be here for the times when your weakness shows so i can patch you back up then help you on your feet again. Elle,  your going to make it through this and when you do you'll be stronger than ever." 

I let Harry's word sink in for a moment before facing him. "I love you." I whispered before i pushed our lips together.

~Author's note: Sorry haven't updated lately, but i hope you like my little romantic scene at the end, i said what the hell and put that in there. But yeah this is kind of a fill-in chapter because i think i might skip a little into the future. but imagine what you will what they do during the skipping break. Well, my chipped/fixed tooth, is throbbing so i think i'm gonna go to Wal-mart okay fair-well beauties~



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