They Don't Know About Us

14 year old Elle was a normal freshman in high school. She always dreamed of the day she would meet Mr. right. Who would've known A curly haired, green eyed, British boy could steal her heart in an old stairwell. But can they take everyone's disapproval.

Btw i love the song my book is named after its so relatable. Hope you enjoy! Oh and express your opinion this only my 3rd fanfic so i might not make sense most of the time.

~This story is completely finished~


23. Guy Time

Harry's P.O.V.~

Leaving that hospital was the hardest hing i've ever done because i knew it may be the last time i see Elle. She would go back to America in a couple of days and for right now i can't go chasing after her.

Once i got back to my flat i threw my car keys onto the entryway table then went to the kitchen to get a bottle of beer. Surprisingly i found Niall digging through my fridge. "Can i help ya mate or you just going to eat my fridge?" He snapped his head up and looked at me then grabbed a piece of leftover pie before sitting at the island counter. I reached into the top shelf of my liquor cabinet and grabbed the first bottle i touched. Lucky for me it was my richest bottle of rum. After taking the cork of i sat next to Niall.

"How's Rylea?" I asked trying to start a conversation. Niall shifted uncomfortably. "Well, her mother made her go home after all that happened with Elle. She said i was a bad influence. But, you know can't do shit about it, can you? One day i'll get her back though." Handing the bottle of rum to Niall, i took a bite of his pie. "Anyway, what happened with Elle's parents because your nose is a little bruised." Niall motioned to my face. "Well, i stood up to her father because he was being a jackass and ended up with this, plus i think i lost her."

I stole the bottle back from Niall and took a long drink. "Mate, why are you in my flat?" I asked with sudden suspicion. He sighed a long deep sigh, "Because that Taylor swift won't quit bugging me, she thinks y'all need to keep pretending to be a couple so she tried to get me to tell you where you live but i haven't answered her." I groaned. With everything that has been going on i totally forgot about the whole pretend dating thing.

Suddenly my phone started to ring. Looking at the caller I.D. i immediately answered due to it was Simon. "Harry, You have got to be more careful. I warned you not to date this girl. Now you need to fix everything by dating Taylor. Both fandoms will love that and we can say the whole Elle thing was just some silly rumor." My hand tightened to a fist as i punched the wall. "Elle is not and will ever be just some rumor! Why must we pretend anymore, we should just let the world know and let the public eye move on." I yelled at the phone trying to convince Simon, but it was no use.

"For the sake of the band, i forbid you from speaking, talking or having any communication to Elle, you are not allowed to talk  about any of your relationship to anybody. If someone asks you about her, you say you've never met her before in your life, and you and Taylor will be a couple. Understand?" Giving up i just agreed with him, it''s no use anymore. 


I woke up with a dreaded feeling in the bottom of my stomach. Tonight was the X-factor special. I've had barely any time to practice, but i will still have to perform with Taylor Swift. There will be interviews and photographers, but most of all there will be no Elle.

Dragging my body out of bed i shuffled into my kitchen for a bowl of cereal. In my living room i found Niall sprawled on the couch sound asleep. I kicked his foot which made his eyes flutter open. "You need to go home mate, we have the X-factor performance tonight." He nodded then put on his coat and left.

I ate my bowl of cereal in silence, well it would've been if my phone didn't buzz. My heart jumped when i saw who it was.

From: Elle- I'm about to get on my flight to leave for America, just wanted to tell you one last time... I love you.

A tear fell from my eye as i sat there contemplating what to text back. How can i respond to that? All i wanted to do was go to the airport and stop the plane from taking off but i couldn't.

To: Elle- I love you forever and always and whatever you here and see in the next few months, please don't believe a word of it just know that i will come back when the time is right. 

After that text the never replied so i gave up hope and went to get ready for the rehearsals we have right before the show.

Niall's P.O.V.~

I had called Rylea over 15 times since she left. She hasn't answered a single one. How could this happen? I felt like my drug has been taken away and i have no way of getting it back. This morning i decided to try and call one last time. A male voice answered the phone. "Hello this is Evan." Keeping my cool i calmly answered, "Is Rylea there?" There was a long pause. "She's in the shower, but i'll let her know you called." I told him thank you then hung up.

'She moved on.' My brain kept telling me, but my heart wouldn't listen she couldn't have. Who moves on that quickly? We hadn't been dating for that long but still it felt like a lifetime. I loved her but i guess the feeling wasn't mutual. Turning off my feelings i went to make a sandwich. 


2 hours later i'm on the stage of X-factor rehearsing our routine. I've already have it down but Harry still has to learn it. It's a good thing he is a fast learner. After another hour of rehearsing we finally got a break. The boys and i decided to sit in the dressing room and talk about everything. 

"Guys, i have something to tell you." Liam spoke first. Intrigued we all stared at him waiting for him to go on. "You know how me and Danielle have been broken up for awhile now. Well it turns out she's 8 weeks pregnant, but i'm not the father, and that's the main reason we broke up." All of our jaws dropped. Truthfully, i've never liked Danielle anyways, she always had a type of fakeness about her, but i never thought she would hurt Liam like this.

"Someone should say something so i won't feel as bad." Instead of saying anything i got um and hugged Liam. Soon all the other 4 boys joined in. It was nice to let everything go and just talk.Eventually we all had to go and get ready for the interviews and the perfomance itself, but i enjoyed our guy time while it lasted.

~Author's Note: Hey guys 2 in one night i'm on a roll, but anyways i'm sorry for the Danielle thing but i just kinda threw it in there for add affect, and i know it's probably not true but i thought it was a real jaw dropper. Don't forget to Comment/Favorite/Like if you enjoy this story as much as i do, but TaTa for now Beauties~


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