They Don't Know About Us

14 year old Elle was a normal freshman in high school. She always dreamed of the day she would meet Mr. right. Who would've known A curly haired, green eyed, British boy could steal her heart in an old stairwell. But can they take everyone's disapproval.

Btw i love the song my book is named after its so relatable. Hope you enjoy! Oh and express your opinion this only my 3rd fanfic so i might not make sense most of the time.

~This story is completely finished~


15. Abortion?

Elle's P.O.V.~

I sat there cradled in Harry's arm for what seemed like forever until my legs started to go numb forcing me to stand up. "Are you going to be alright love?" Harry held out an arm to make sure i was steady. Nodding my head i made my way toward the bathroom door. The restaurant was still deserted but i didn't particularly care, because i was just looking at Niall and Rylea cuddle together at our table. A smile spread across my face, at least one good thing came out of this dinner.

"Guys, if you don't mind i think i'm going to leave now but thanks for dinner." Niall frowned knowing something was up but he didn't bother to ask about it. Harry already had my purse and jacket in his hands. "Do you need a ride home?" Niall asked trying offer any help. I was about to accept when Harry answered for me. "No thanks, mate, the hotel is not to far from here." Niall nodded and pulled Rylea in closer.

The breezy evening air hit me as soon as i stepped outside, and i started to shiver. Harry noticed and draped my jacket over my shoulders. He then took my hand leading me in the direction of his hotel.

15 minutes later i had pulled up my hood so the fans outside wouldn't recognize me. "Who's that girl with Harry?" "Harry's mine you bitch!!!" Girls screamed at me. Tears start cascade down my cheeks, i just couldn't take this right now. Letting go of Harry's hand i sprinted into the lobby past the crowd of girls that continued to call me names. When Harry caught up to me i was already waiting in the elevator.

 He tried to comfort me but i just backed up into a corner. "Don't..." I said harshly and Harry backed away from me looking 10 times worse than before. We stood in silence as the elevator took us up to his floor. 

Once inside his room i just layed down in the bed and curled up into a ball, with my back facing Harry. "Do you need anything, aspirin?" He said with a sigh. My voice cracked but i had to ask, "Can you get me a pregnancy test?" Silence fell for the millionth time that night. The realization that this could possibly be happening sunk in. "Um... Sure. Will you be okay here by yourself?" I nodded and he left without another word.

I lied in the darkness for awhile before forcing myself out of bed. Spotting one of Harry's t-shirts i grabbed it then slip out of my clothes and threw it on. Even this simple movement made me exhausted, so i returned to the bed. 

Tears streamed down my face and onto the comforter. Now that i was alone i thought about everything. How we're we going to tell my parents if i'm really pregnant? How will Simon react? What if the press find out? What if Harry denies that the baby isn't his? A thousand unanswered questions roamed through my mind and for each one i created different scenarios. 

A few minutes later Harry came into the room. "Okay, i bought 10 different ones, i didn't know which one you wanted." I rolled over to find him spreading out all different types of pregnancy tests. He motioned for me to take my pick. "This's one has a pretty box, so will go with this one." I faintly smiled trying to lighten the mood. Harry cracked a smile and hand me the one i pointed to. Standing up i took the box, heading to the bathroom. 

"Do you need assistance?" I chuckled at how awkward the words sounded coming out of Harry's mouth. Turning around i kissed his lips. "I think i got it but if you want to come in the bathroom with me that's fine. Just make sure to turn around when i pee." He laughed this time, following me into the bathroom. 

When i was finished following the instructions on the back, i let Harry know he could turn around again. "I guess, now we wait 2-5 minutes until the results show up." He nodded, looking very serious. "You look super hot right now!" I said almost losing my breath. 

Before, i knew it we were making out on the bed. Harry kissed my neck as i let out a moan, then his hands started to roam my body. He almost had his hands under my shirt when i felt something come up my throat. Pushing him off of me i darted to the bathroom, barely making it to the toilet before i released all that was leftover from before.

Quickly, Harry was holding my hair while rubbing my back. A few minutes later i leaned back into his arms hoping that i was done. When my stomach started to relax i let Harry help me up. I noticed the pregnancy test i took earlier finally showed a result.

Holding it up to the light i could make out a tiny plus sign. Tears streamed down my face as my fears were confirmed. I showed the test to Harry and he wrapped me up into his arms letting me weep into his chest. "What are we going to do? I can't have this baby, i'm not even close to ready for giving birth." I mumbled. 

"We can find something, there's abortion..." I cut him off. "Abortion is not an option i'm not a murderer, plus i know how abortion works and i wouldn't be able to live with myself if i knew i caused a baby's life to be taken away before it even got to see light!" I screamed at Harry, my emotions were all over the place right now. He only shushed me and picked me up bridal style and carried me to the bed. Ever so gently he lied me down, then got in right next to me.  

I stared at the alarm clock on the night stand next to the bed. It was 11:30, i was supposed to be home at 11 but considering what's going on i never wanted to go home. As if on cue Harry grabbed my phone and texted my dad letting him know i was staying with Rylea tonight, then let Rylea know she was the cover-up.

Harry smiled at me then kissed my temple. I returned the favor by kissing his nose. Getting an idea of where this was going he kissed my lips. Rolling on top of him I kissed his jaw. Playfully he tugged my hair and pulled me down for another kiss this time with tongue. Breaking the kiss i returned back to my spot wrapped in his arms. "Your such a tease." I chuckled then replied, "It's not me it's my hormones, they are hungry for you." We both laughed.

Niall's P.O.V.~ 

Soon after Harry and Elle left, Rylea wanted to leave so i brought her back to my hotel room.

She was sitting cross-legged on the bed waiting for me to make the first move. I don't know what was stopping me but i didn't know how to start. Sighing i glance at her she was biting her lip and looking down at her hands. Drool came dripping out of my mouth as i realized i had been staring at her perfection. Not wanting to waste the moment i almost pounced on her. Our lips collided, while her hands flew up to my hair. It wasn't as curly or luscious as Harry's but i had pretty good hair. 

Softly i pushed her back so that she was laying down and i was on top of her. My hormones were going crazy and i could feel her heart racing. I licked her lips asking for entrance and she obliged. Her hands were tugging at my shirt, giving in i sat up and took it off. She gasped.    I smiled at the effect my body had on her. 

Neither one of us wanted to stop there so were back to kissing in an instant. My hands were grabbing on to her waist. I slightly pulled her shirt up with my fingers, but then i froze, "Wait before this goes any further, how old are you exactly?" She looked into my eyes then scrunched up her nose. "16 but i'll be 17 in a week. Is that okay for you." I smiled. "That's perfect." Again i closed the space between us.

A couple minutes later Rylea's phone dinged with a message. She groan then slid out from under me and read the text. "It's just Elle, letting me know that if her dad asks she's over at my house." Nodding i took the phone out of her hands placing it on the table. "Now, where were we?" I leaned in to kiss her but all i received was a hand in my face.

"I think it's time for me to go home. Maybe some other time though." Smiling i replied, "I hope so because i don't want to let this big guy not have some fun." I motioned to my crotch. She busted out laughing, finding my desire for her amusing. "Tell woody, i will see him soon." At that point she pulled my head close to hers.

Our lips met with passion as my body craved for more. This was not helping my situation. She noticed then decided to make me suffer as she leaned over me to grab her cellphone her arm brushed against my... "Your such a tease." We kissed once more before she left the room.

~Author's note: Sorry for the odd chapter it's like my brain can't process my thoughts into my writing. At least i got my opinion in about abortion. Girls please don't get pregnant, and more importantly don't have an abortion. The procedure they do to kill the baby is inhumane and shouldn't be legal. My belief is that's murder, but if you believe something different that's fine to but think twice about it. Well enough with the seriousness like/comment/favorite if you like well i'm exhausted. Fair-well beauties~

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