It's Not A Dream(Niall Horan fanfiction)

Me and my best friend go to live in LOndon and end up finding a couple more people along the way.


18. We're back

Jordan's POV


We got to the hospital adn i looked Madi, Zayne, Lilla, Zac, Chloe, Liam, Harry, and Greg were there???

"what are you guys doing here what is Greg doing here????"

"Jacy broke her wrist." Madi said.  I couldn't help but roll my eyes and think what next.

"What is Greg doing here?" Niall says couirous

" We ran into him at Nando's and then jacy broke her wrist so he came with because he had to meet his girlfriend who is a nurse." Harry says.

"You mean Tara." Niall says.

"Ya her" Harry says.

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