It's Not A Dream(Niall Horan fanfiction)

Me and my best friend go to live in LOndon and end up finding a couple more people along the way.


14. P.S I Love You

Lilla's POV

     When i woked up i was so upset I had to start the morning with work which ment I didn't get to see Zac.  We barley ever get to see each other anymore by the time I get home from work.  He's gone to go work on a new movie or somthing.  I never get to tell him how much he means to me or how much i love him.  So when I woke up I got a pen and paper and decided i would write.  The thing was I didn't know what to write I knew what I wanted to get out I just didn't know how to tell him.  So i took my shower and got ready to work.  Right after I got my apron and my shoe's on I knew exactly what to say so I started writing then left the note on the counter labled.  Zac then walked out the door.

Zac's POV

      When I woke up Lilla was gone I got ready took a shower got changed.  Whe I went to go get breakfest I found a note on the counter labled Zac.  It was from Lilla this it was it said.

    Dear, Zac

 I know I'm never around to tell you this but I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate how you treat me.  I have never met a guy like you thats why i wrote this letter I love when you come to my work and vist me you make me fell special and I love that so I wrote this not to tell you.

                                              Love, Lill

P.s I love you

I couldn't believe she wrote that note thats why I love her.




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