It's Not A Dream(Niall Horan fanfiction)

Me and my best friend go to live in LOndon and end up finding a couple more people along the way.


22. Lilla what did you do?!?!

Jordan's POV


   We got to the jail to pick up Lilla but it was to late Zac beat us.  "LIlla what did you do" I asked impateintly.

 "I got into a fight with a girl" Lilla replied.

 "You idiot just get in the car lets leave your so dumb though how many times do we have to tell you to use your brain." Madi and I said at the same time.

 "Sorry lets go Zac." Lilla said getting into the car. "OOWW!!" Madi screamed as I ran over to her. "My leg I think it's broken" Madi said in pain."  "Could this daay get any worse!!" I replied helping Madi in the car. I got in and rushed over to the hospital aging.

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