It's Not A Dream(Niall Horan fanfiction)

Me and my best friend go to live in LOndon and end up finding a couple more people along the way.


4. Hello Lodon! Hello One Direction?

Jordan's POV

     A soon as we got off the plain i got a text from Jacy.

Jacy: Hey where are you?

Jordan: Section A you?

Jacy: Same meet me at the bench I have someone I want you to meet.

Jordan: Ok and who?

Jacy: You'll see.

Right then I run into Chloe.  She shouting at me I met Liam I met Liam.  Liam who I say?  LIam Payne who else dumbo.  I knew she would say that it gets me so mad.  Really where. "I say".  Over by the bench "she says".  So we walk over there and theres LIam Pyne! With Jacy?

Chloe's POV

Well when i met Liam i was trying to find Jordan i was looking at my phone then boom I ran into this boy.  I decied I would call him out say somthin but when I looked the only thing that came out of my mouth was I love you.  Then I said i mean I love your music.  Then he laughed and walked me over to the bench and asked if i wanted to hang out with him I said just wait I need to get my friend and thats how Jordan found out.

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