It's Not A Dream(Niall Horan fanfiction)

Me and my best friend go to live in LOndon and end up finding a couple more people along the way.


9. After The Concert

Jordan's POV

    After the concert we got home and Jacy and Harry decied to go to the park to spend some time togther.  Then after the call from jacy telling me where she was going I hear a knock on the door I thought it has to be Liam to see if Chloe wants to come over not looking I anwser the door and say hi Liam.  Then I look to hear a laugh thats not Liam it was Niall I was so embrassed but it was nice to hear his laugh.  Then he invited me to his place I didn't know if I should go or not so I decided to go wasn't so sure I made the right chose.  But i did it anyway

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