They treat me differently, just because I'm not the same as them.


1. Prologue

I'm not like the other kids.

They stare at me. I can feel their glares searing into my back as I walk past.

They hate me. They yell at me. They exclude me, all because I'm different than them.

I can see the curl of their lips, the way they mutter, glance in disgust and talk about me, in a way that I can see their lips moving, see them whispering about me, and yet I cannot hear.

They hate that I don't act like them. That I don't do the same activities. They hate that I come out at a different time of day than them. They whisper about me being strange, unlike anyone they've ever seen.

I knew it was a mistake for my parents to send me to this school. I knew the kids would gossip about me. But my parents said I was being silly. Kids like them, they would understand. They would accept me.

But they don't.

I have to do different things than them. I do different activities, both physical and non-physical.

They think that I'm scum. That I don't belong to this world, this horrible world of theirs. And maybe I don't. But they could at least try to make me feel welcome.

I can't believe anyone could be this shallow. Just because I'm not like them, they hate me. Just because I do different things, they hate me.

They hate me, no matter what.

All because I'm not a vampire.

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