A new start

Aaryan just moved to londen for the summer with a long time friend she is just starting her jounior year in high school she dosent know she is gonna have a life changing exprience.


1. A new school

Well for starers my name is ashley my life can be so simple yet so hard especially when your the new girl in schooland your hiding your true identity. Im so alone in school since my friend cristina is attending normal school and i am going to attend the london accademy. Sometimes i think being rich can be a curs exept for the fact that i get everything i want. I mean i loved being simon cowles neice and all but after my pearents died i was left with my uncle simon he promised to give me a new life in london my bestfriend courtney had offerd to move with me so i wouldent start from zero. I died my brown hair black with blond and red steks on it critina died her black hair brown she was now gonna be a rich girl like me but so no one would recognize us at school she was going to a normal school and i would go to an academy. My uncle told us we would be leaving today he would soon join us but ont yet so that we wouldent get recognized. uncle simon decided to tell paps and the news i ran away so that we would now start a new life. whe i saw my new pasport i saw my new name was aaryan livet cowle and courtney was now cristina livet cowle. So today i arrived at londen and went to my new flat wich i was sharing with cristina. Cristina got the room upstairs she liked small rooms so she headed to the one she thiugh was small. When she got inside the rooms she saw ther was no small rooms she went for the one with a view to the city. As for me i got the one with a view to the other end of the city. I began to un pack and decied i was gonna start to decorate my walk in closet. When i remeber i had to go buy my uniform and school supplies. So i ran out my closet ad my room to get cristina i told her we had to buy my uniform and supplies. We decided to go on the bus so as we got to the mall i walked in and out of stors buying knee high socks cute shoes and finally we got to the stor with the uniforms i liked the uniform it was a white shirt with a navy blue blazer and a plad short skirt. I looked good in the costume so i bought every thing i was redy to go to my new school.
It was 5:50 when cristina woke me up she was an earliy riser. I woke up took a shower and then i put on my uniform i partially blow dryed my hair and put it in a half ponytail i put my bow on and the headed to my car. When i got to my car cristina was alredy in the passenger seat. I droped her off at her school and then i went to my accadmy. I walked in to a huge campus as i was loking for the office where i would recive my schedual. I got to the office and found a boy who was siting near the entrance he had black hair. He looked extremly hot i was distraced by him. When i felt someone touch me the princibke asked me to follow her to her office i walked in and sat down. She said Miss.Aaryan we are pleased to have you here at our school we know your uncle simon is doing the best to try and keep you away from the pain of your pereants death. I hope you really enjoy your new life here in london. She led me around school and durring nutrition she called a girl named delihla to come and guide me to my classes as she walked me we bumped in to the boy i saw in the office and i asked delihla who he was she said his name was zayn and there was no way i would ever get to talk to him for he was one of simon cowells new boyband meber. At that moment i relized no one here at school recognized me i was happy because i wouldent get popular any time soon. Then i began to wonder who was uncle simons boyband so i asked delihla who was simon cowles band and she told me it was this amazing band of 5 boys named Liam, Niall, Louis, Harry and Zayn. They had particpated in the xfactor and were now enourmusly faouse because of their song what makes you beautiful. As soon as the last bell rang i ran to my car and went to get cristina went back home in my car when i got home i saw cristinas new car and was gald she wouldent have to walk as i got closer to the house i saw uncle simon had stoped by our flat im guessing to see how we were doing. When i walked in my house was now a disater and there was 5 guys and uncle simon i ran to uncle simon and asked what had happen he said he wanted me to meet his boys Liam,Louis,Niall,Zayn and Harry i greted them and told them to feel at home the apoigized for the mess they made. Then cristina told uncle simon they had to speak a d the went out side to speak.
Cristinas p.o.v
At school some one made a bigg deal and called me courtney everyone was stalking me and the began to call me names i dint want to tell aaryan thats why uncle simon was here a girl named kerisha called the londen news and they called uncle simmon to see if i was courtney ashleys friend. Uncle simon emedatly called the school and said i would be transfering to the same school as his boys. I knew the boys because uncle simon had presented them to me a day befor ashleys perents crashed and ashley was the only one who survived. Ashley was hospitalized for a month cause she had been in a coma. After that we came to londen with a new identity. I was glad uncle simon told every one i was not courtney and he would just have to face the fact that his neice would never come back. Uncle simon tild me him and the boys bought my uniform and i would be driving my self to the accademy and i would have to become friends with aaryan and i would be geting a makeover. So we went back inside and saw arrayan and the boys were chilling they were talking about school turns out aaryan has niall and liam in all her classes exept drama because he had dance but in drama she had harry.

Aaryans p.o.v
So while critina and uncle simon went outside to talk i decied i would get to meet the boys. So i stood infront of them and told them i would be asking them question and they would ask me questions they agreed. I went first
Q. Why do all the girls in school like you guys?
A. Well we are kind of in a boy band named one direction and we were on your uncles mentoring group in the xfactor.
Then louis asked me
Q. Why did you cahnge your identity?
A. Well louis i wanted to start over i dint want to be known as simon cowles neice.
I asked liam
Q. Tell me 5 intresing facts about you
A. Im afraid of spoons, im single pringle, my favorite color is purple, i hate it when girls were make-up, and im the most machure of the group.
Liams question to me
Q. So what is your secret talent?
A. Well i can do gymnastics and i can draw
Wow thats nice said liam. Yup then my uncle walked inside and told us that we were not to be seen together first we would have to become friends. At that point it kind of sucked cause i had really liked the boys but like always uncle simon said we would be able to hang out during recording sessions and here at home. he also told us that cristina would be moving to our accademy. I was glad because maybe that way i wouldent feel so alone. So it was a grate way to end my day but i still had to get redy to start classes tomorrow since today was more like a get to know the school. Once the boys left and uncle simon told us that we had to be careful with the lads for he dint want us to fall for any lad. I think he said it because he dosent want us to end up leaving again because we got broken hearted. Soon after that he left as well and it was back to being me and cristina. We changed in to our matching onsies and got some sweets and sat on the couch together we talked about the lad for the most part it began like this:
Me: so wat do u think of the lads cristina?
Cris: well there pretty hot and they look like nice guys.
Me: omg... Cristina wich do u like?
Cris: i like harry the curly haired one he looks cute
Me: awww how cute cris. We have to get to know them though.
Cris: so aaryan wich one do you like?
Me: none i think their cute and all but im not ready for a boy in my life.
The next morning my hair was now black solid black no red in it it was very like my natural hair and cristina had a hazel long hair i assumed she got extentions.we got to school and i took her to the office and she had 2 classes with me. Luckly we met up with the boys and zayn and harry seemed to have her in all their classes.
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