Only for tonight (Girl heart boy deleted scene)

It is about a steamy delete scene out of girl heart boy, it's when Sara meets someone new at a wild good bye party, her night goes from crazy to wild, she falls in love but only for one night. because soon he's gone


5. Why Good-Bye

Four and a hafe hours latter

Sara woke up naked in his bed, but were was he?

It was three in the morning, Sara sat there only with the blancked rapd around her, she was alone, where did he go, did it really happen, did she really love? Sara laid back but she noiced a stiky-not laid on the pillow next to hers, it was foulde in hafe with her name on the front She grabed the note and read it, the note said to meet him at starbuckes down the street at three thirty, and there where Pj on the coffey tabel with one of his sweeter that she could were.she got up and quitly got dress and put her hair up and wiped  the vary littel make-up she hand on off her face. by the time she was done it was three twenty-five, she slipe on her flats and left.



It didnt take long to find the starbuckes, she went in and there he was sitting there, looking so perfact,she walked over and sat in front of him, she smilled, but he looked sad, "Sara, I have to leave today, for my world tour, i didn't want this to happen but when i looked at you i think i fell in love but it cant happen not with this life we'd never see each other, we can't see each other any more you have to move on, what we had could only be for tonight, im so sorry" Harry looked in her eyes as he said this, but Sara new this was coming and she new she couldn't have him, she grabed his hande "I know, theres no need to be sorry but i really do love even if it was only for tonight, but why dose it have to be good-bye?, we could still talk and be freinds, i dont want to lose you" Sara tryed hared not to cry holding back her tears as well as she could, Harry reached acrosse the tabel and kissed her one lasted time, "because, I know it will break you, not being able to tell me you love or have in your arms, i dont need to break you, it will be for the best, i promise" he kisse her hand, they sat there talking and holding hands, knowing that soon theyd have to say good-bye forever.


                                                            The End

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