Only for tonight (Girl heart boy deleted scene)

It is about a steamy delete scene out of girl heart boy, it's when Sara meets someone new at a wild good bye party, her night goes from crazy to wild, she falls in love but only for one night. because soon he's gone


3. the wild side

The man behind the bar turned and smiled "there free, thanks to the host of tonights party" Sara smiled " well I'd like to meet him and thank him, oh and I'll take...



After many shots and drinks Sara was hamerd, she was loude and wild, dancing on tables, flirting with many guys, and dancing and grinding girls and guys all over the dance floor, Joe was with his freind and the host of the parry when he got news of Sara dancing on the bar, Joe was embraesd " oh im so sorry shes never like this, I'll be right back, im just gonna go get her" Joe was vary annoyed with her, but Joe's friend insisted on helping him, so they left towareds the bar to find her dancing wildly and guys shouting and hiting on her well she danced " SARA GET DOWN FROM THERE YOU'ER MAKING A FOUL OF YOUR SELF" Joe shoted at her, but Sara didnt here him, she just keeped going she was about to pull down the front of her dress when she almost fell, Joes friend stepd in to get her, as he went to grab her and brinng he down, she fell in to his strong arms, Sara stared up at him, what was he doing here and why was I in Harry Stlyles arms?Sara thought but befor she could ask him why him any thing she passed out in his arms Harry carryed her to his big bed room on the 3rd floor, it was wtigh with a fire plaec and a two love-seats, a larg book shelf a few wooden end tabels and a huge bed, he laid Sara down on his bed he got her a buckit just incase, a glass of water and two advil, he left the room so she could sleep a bit and get her a pair of PJ's, when Sara woke up she looked around the lagre room and sat in ah, she was siting in Harry Stlyles room in his bed she smilled and blushed.

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