Only for tonight (Girl heart boy deleted scene)

It is about a steamy delete scene out of girl heart boy, it's when Sara meets someone new at a wild good bye party, her night goes from crazy to wild, she falls in love but only for one night. because soon he's gone


4. getting closer

Sara was still drunk but not as bad now, she laid back down and smilled, but soon relized how back she looked and acted when she frist meet Harry,she sat up just as Harry walked in, she blushed red as a rose "um...hi" she said nevosly "hn hi" Harry smiled hes un describel smille which every girl loved,hes green eyes spakeld as he walked ove to the bed and sat next to Sara. "how are you feeling?" he asked in is sexy voice, she looked down "really stupid'" Harry looked at her"aww theres no need to its ok people get drunk and do stupid stuff all the time, you should see niall drunk now thats funny" harry smille, Sara and Harry talked for a bit, he was trying to make her feel better, they got closer he told her vary bad jokes but she still found them funny, they sat closer, he was really have a good time with her away from the loud party to stares, he really enjoyd her company, he sat vary close to her,and Sara lost her self in his eyes, she  couldn't help her self,she looked deep in to his amazing eyes and kissed him pasionily, first he was surprised but  he kissed back with just as much pasion, when they stoped Sara looked away they both felt somthing for each othe the could feel it, he want her and she want him, Harry put his strong hand under her chin and lifted her face back to his, " i Think i love you" hes said looking deep in to his eyes "i think i love you two" Sara looked back he kissed her agin, but this time with more live and want in it, they never new how fast they could fall in love they didnt know they could, but the both new it was only for tonight, there kiss soon truned to more she wanted him and he let her have him in all the right ways, Joe sat out side the door waiting to talk to Sara, but thats when he haerd her taking him, Joe let them have there time to gather because they be togather for long, because it was his good-bye party for him self and the boys. Sara didn't know this love was really just for tonight.




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