Only for tonight (Girl heart boy deleted scene)

It is about a steamy delete scene out of girl heart boy, it's when Sara meets someone new at a wild good bye party, her night goes from crazy to wild, she falls in love but only for one night. because soon he's gone


2. crazy night

It didn't take them long to get to the party, but when they got there the party was loud and already started, Sara, Ashley, and Joe inked arems, smilled, gigeld and walked in, the house was huge, it had 3 floors but the party was only on the first floor, it had a huge bar with siting areas all around, there was 4 bath rooms on the frist floor so there wouldnt be to many lines, a large kitchen with fancy new shiny appliances and marbel conters with a small eating area with a nice looking wooden tabel, and then there was the living/family room with a masevi t.v over an eveny bigger fire place, three lager couches, couple of small end tables, and a beautiful coffe tabel in the milde, Sara stared in ah, Who the fuck owend this house and howd  did Joe know them, was the only think she was thinking, " um Guys whos house is this?!?" Sara asked cunfused, " Oh its a freind of my moms kid, me and him used to hang out when we where a lot younger, he lives on his owne i think." joe smilled but he didnt tell her whos house it was, Sara and Ashley walked of to the dance floor to meet some of there othere freinds and dance, well Joe walked of to fined his old friend, Sara and Ashley danced untell they couldnt stand any more ashley sta down and sara sat nexted to her "Are you ok ashley?" Asley didnt look to good, she was pale and skaking " no i think i'm gonna be sick" Sara pulled her phon out of her bra and called a taxi, it was there soon and Sara walked Ashley to the cab and opend the door, she told the diver where to take her, ahe huged her good bye and went back in to the paty and walked off to the bar, she got to the counter "hey bar guy what ever you are how much are the drinks?"

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