Only for tonight (Girl heart boy deleted scene)

It is about a steamy delete scene out of girl heart boy, it's when Sara meets someone new at a wild good bye party, her night goes from crazy to wild, she falls in love but only for one night. because soon he's gone


1. Fun beginning

It was a hot Saturday night , Sara was standing in her white bathroom with looking deep at her relaxation in the round shaped mirror over her sink, she was making sure her makeup was to its best, it was party time,she was going to a good-bye party, her and her friends where going to have a smashing time tonight at the party. it was a freind of Joe's she didnt think she new him,well she was think of who it was there was a knock at her front door,it must be her freinds,she slipped on her black flats and head down the stares to the door, she smilled and  opened the it to see only two of he freinds, it was Ashley and Joe, they where dressed smashingly, they looked so great, Ashley had on a littel black dress with sparkels, she had on a pear of red heals, Joe had black dress pants, a black blasser unbottend, and a whit dress shirt on under,it was and semi formal event, Sara looked at them," where are the others?" she said looking confused, Joe answers her quick "oh they couldn't make it, they all got the flu, poor guys" Sara looked at him and smiled " it's to bad, but.. we can still have fun right?" Sara asked with a huge grin Ashley and Joe answered to gather " Ya!!", Sara smiled and walked out of her house locking the door as they left for the party, it wasn't to far so they where going to walk the whether was hot but nice so it would be  nice, Sara still didnt no who was holding this party, "Hey joe whos party is it?" Joe grind " oh you'll see", Sara looked at him funny "what do you mean 'you'll see'?" Joe looked at her and girned agin "oh nothing dont worry"  "oh fine then" Sara said as they walked off to the part smiling and having fun the hole way the, she thoght what fun beginning to a great night.

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