Wishing Star

This story will just kinda unfold as I write. You'll have to read it to really see what it's about.


3. Everyone's a Critic

The rest of the day went by pretty slow. Everywhere I turned, people were giving me these unusual looks. Some were of admiration, some of hate, and some of something in between.

I was pretty sure Klara had been talking. After all, that's what she did best. If Klara had been talking, everythin would be much different. Different for everyone. Nothing could stay the same forever though, right? And she was the main game-changer.

As I walked into the cafeteria line, I noticed how everyone fell quiet. I awkwardly walked to the stack of trays, grabbed one and started walking through the line. I made a very thought out choice of a BLT, some potato wedges and a pineapple-mango-orange juice blend. I got my food and walked to my usual table. Already sitting there was Vera, Bree, and this girl named Isabelle. I knew her from a biology class and the soccer team.

As I sat down, they all stared at me. "What guys?" I nervously laughed. "I can't belive it. I just can't believe it. Brad likes you. And you treated him like that." Isabelle said dazed. "Gosh Belle, don't make her feel bad. I mean, I know she's crazy for not jumping at the chance, but still!" Bree said, raising her voice as she spoke. "I just don't want to do that to myself." I talked with a defensive tone. "Do what? Be fucking happy for once?" Isabelle spat, but not in a mean way, just firmly. "I'll think more on it. And if I decide to go with it and he's still interested, I'll let you know." I said, hoping they'd leave me alone about it. "Oh thank God!" Vera sang, obviously relieved.

I ate my sandwich in silence. Isabelle took my potato wedges and ate them with satisfaction. After I was finished eating, I threw away my trash and walked out into the hallway. I needed to clear my head. As I made my way to the courtyard, I heard a voice behind me. "Carter. Slow your ass down." I turned to see Jakeb walking towards me. I could feel a smile grow on my lips. "Oh hey, Jake." I sang.

We walked out the door to the courtyard. It was empty. No one really used it. We sat in the gazebo. It was silent for a few moments. He broke the silence.

"So, Carter Leigh-Anne Flynn, how does it feel to be sought after by the "it boy" of SouthWestern High School?" Jakeb said, using his fingers to put air quotes around it boy. I laughed and replied, "Jaaakkeeee, you already know what I think about that. You know how I feel. I mean, I've told you everything, haven't I? Yes."

Jakeb was a really good friend. He played the saxophone in the school's band. He had dark-ish brown hair and naturally tan skin. He usually effortlessly spiked it, but made it look so natural, as if he had never done anything to it. He was cute. I'm not going to say he wasn't, because he was. Saying he's cute, really doesn't mean anything though. He didn't give a rat's ass what people thought of him. He was a lot like me in that way.

"I know that I know everything about the subject. I was trying to be cute by acting like an interviewer. Now play along." He said and grinned. "Fine," I said, not wanting to give in,"why, thank you for asking that question Mr. Jakeb Taylor. I believe it's a very unusual experience. I'm being sought after. We all know how rarely that happens." "Rarely? Talk about lying. You are one of the most sought after girls in the whole school. Stop being modest. You know you're right up there with Klara." He knew he was right and I knew he was right. There was no use in arguing with him about it. I had never really thought of it that way though, so it was weird hearing it out loud.

I checked my phone discreetly and noticed the time. 12:15. I had six minutes to be back in class. I stood up, smoothed out my shirt and started walking. I looked back to see Jake still sitting there. I yelled a goodbye at him and he returned it. I walked through the halls to my geometry classroom. I took my seat and watched the rest of the day drag on.

Every time the classes changed, I could feel people staring me down. When I was getting my things out of my locker, I overheard some girls talking. "Wow. Just wow. Brad has really messed up this time," one girl said, seemingly disgusted. "Yeah, forreal. Why would an extremely hot senior want a little freshman slut like her? Why wouldn't he just stay with Klara? Damn whore Carter," the other girl said, putting emphasis on the last sentence. I just turned away and acted like I didn't hear them.

I sulked down the hallway and out to my car. When I got to my grey Fiat, Brad was leaned up against my door. When he saw me coming he jumped up and took a step toward me, blocking the door handle. I started to turn away and walk to the other side of my car. As I did, I felt his hand on my arm.

I turned and looked into his eyes. They were pleaing me not to go. They were crystal blue, which went really well with his sandy blonde-ish, borwn-ish hair and naturally tan skin. I felt myself getting lost in them. 'No Carter!' I thought, 'Don't do that!' I looked away, but only for a moment because then he started to speak.

"We need to talk," he said, "you knew this was coming Carter. You also know exactly what we have to talk about. If you unlock the door, I can get in. That'd be really nice." He smiled slightly.

I unlocked the door and watched as he walked to the passenger side. I got in on the driver's side and started the car. We both buckled our seatbelts. The radio started blasted and I turned it down a few notches. I turned to look at him.

"Wanna get food at Milton's first and then go to the lake. It's a pretty day and it'll be a nice place to talk," I said, really just wanting to go already. "Sure, sounds great," he said quickly, smiling a big, pearly smile.

I plugged my phone into the port in the console. It connected my phone to the car's stereo, and charged my phone, while it was at it. I scrolled through artists and found Lana Del Rey. I clicked on all songs and instantly heard her voice coming through the speakers. I went back to my playlists and went to most frequently played. I started the playlist and started backing out of the school's parking lot.

I started singing along. "And the voice in your speakers right now, that's me, that's meeee." I started getting louder as I sang. "You have a beautiful voice. I really like this song, too. Drake's pretty good, huh?" I heard Brad say. I didn't know he heard me singing. I started to blush. "What? Are you embarrassed? Oh shit. ou are embarrassed, aren't you? Gosh, Carter, I didn't mean to do anything like that," he said, stopping once he realized he was rambling on. I just laughed. "Brad. Calm your ass down. It's nothing. I mean, I just really don't care," I said. Then we ordered our food.

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