Wishing Star

This story will just kinda unfold as I write. You'll have to read it to really see what it's about.


1. Where the Story Begins

I suppose I should start with myself. The name's Flynn. Carter Flynn. You could say that I'm pretty average. I look average, act average, do average things. You know that quiet girl, with her nose always in a book, stays in her comfort zone with her two bestfriends, who are also quite average? Yeah, that's me. I'm a 5'3 girl with light brown hair, kinda fair skin, and freckles lining my cheeks and across my nose. I have piercing green eyes that will see right through you. So, now, let's begin on this journey which is my not so normal story.


*Author's Note*
Hey guys! Toriia here! So umm, this is my first movella. I'm not really sure how this is gonna be, but I hope you like it. Thanks, bye(:

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