Louis how i love you

19 year old Jaiden is having the time of her life with her new boyfriend. She is happy until she finds out that hes cheating on her


1. Meeting The boys

"WAKE UP!!!! WAKE UP NOW, YOU LAZY ASS!" Yelled my best friend,
Tamara. "Do you know what today is?"
"Saturday, now go the hell back to bed!" I said
"Ahaha. No. Today we are meeting One Direction!" She yelled, literally, in my ear
I immediately sprung out of my bed into my bathroom when she said one direction. They are the best boy band ever<3

I quickly throw my long blonde hair into a fish tail braid. I put on my favorit T-Shirt that has the boys on it , and i put on my cutest pair of jean shorts. I wanted to look pretty. So i put on some blush and some mascara. I grabbed my purse and ran downstairs.

"Jesus, Jaiden, Your really eager to see Them today, aren't you love?" She asks
"Don't call me that, it only sounds cute when the boys say it, aha." I reply
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