My Celebrity Crush 2

Kayla and Louis are now choosing to be together forever, or at least that's what they think. Who Has feelings for her too? Niall, Harry, Liam, Or even Zayn? Will Louis and Kayla stay together, or never speak ever again? Will she fall even harder for someone else? Who will take the fall? (The sequel to "My Celebrity Crush")


2. Scandal.

What did I just do? I just told Niall, I loved him. When I was engaged to his best friend. Louis. My Fiance We were still kissing, and I had just remembered, I had forgotten to reply to Louis' text message. I pulled away.

"Kayla... What are we doing..?" Niall asked as I took my phone out. I replied to Louis, before I said anything to Niall. 

"To Louis♥: Hey, I ran into one of my old friends, and I might stay with her tonight. I haven't seen her since X-Factor. Call you in the morning babe.." I sent it and then told Niall.

"I told Louis I ran into one of my old friends, and I would be back in the morning." I said with a smile. I really felt terrible, and guilty, but there was something about Niall that made me want to forget about everything else in the world. I couldn't explain it. 

"Kayla, I'm so sorry. I know you love Louis.. But this isn't making any sense." He said with another confused look. I loved Louis defiantly, but Niall knew what made me tick, and he knew me like a best friend. 

"Niall, I cant explain what I'm feeling right now. But I don't think I want to be confused right now. My feelings for Louis, are defiantly set and stone, but my feelings for you, are different." I said taking his hand. He looked at it and saw that the ring was gone. And in my pocket. He kinda smiled, but then it faded back into a frown.

"What about Louis though? What if he finds out?" He asked, his voice full of concern. 

"Let's not worry about that right now." I said, crashing my lips to his. He caressed my cheek with his hand, and put my fingers in his hair. It was so passionate, it made me melt. Just then, I felt my phone vibrate. I ignored it and continued to kiss Niall. He pulled away.

"Kayla, Will you go on a drive with me? We can pretend." He asked me, like it was a date. Pretend? I can do that.


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