My Celebrity Crush 2

Kayla and Louis are now choosing to be together forever, or at least that's what they think. Who Has feelings for her too? Niall, Harry, Liam, Or even Zayn? Will Louis and Kayla stay together, or never speak ever again? Will she fall even harder for someone else? Who will take the fall? (The sequel to "My Celebrity Crush")


3. Driving.

We got into the car, and drove away. I wasn't really sure where we were going. I really did feel something for Niall, but I did for Louis also, obviously. I felt like a slut for kissing Niall and "two-timing" Louis. Maybe he felt the same for El, that time at the airport. I didn't know, but I think I was falling for Niall. Hard to believe, but it was true. Maybe I was over thinking the situation, but maybe then again, I might have been under thinking it. I felt his hand slip into mine, and our fingers intertwined. I smiled to myself, and I could feel myself blushing.

"You're the best pretender ever." He said laughing. I look at him, with a smile and got up close to him. He was driving a truck, which was odd, because we were back in London, and there were hardly any "trucks." It reminded me of Texas. Which to be honest, made me tear up a little.

"Well thanks Niall." I said laughing back at him. He drove to the outskirts of London, and pulled over on a dirt road. It was pretty close to Louis and I's house. But I hardly noticed. When we parked, we both got out and climbed into the bed of his truck, laid down, and stared at the stars. Which really reminded me of Texas. I was shivering, it was so cold outside. It was really late too. Probably around 2am.

"Are you cold?" He asked me, turning his head to face me. I turned my head, and our heads were less than 2 inches from each other. He was gorgeous. It felt kind of weird calling a boy "gorgeous", but he was. His hair was perfectly bleached, with a little brown. His eyes were blue like the sea. And his perfect smile. Oh his smile. I had forgotten to answer his question. I just stared into his beautiful eyes. 

"Yeah, I'm really cold." I said not taking my eyes off his. He sat up and pulled a blanket up over us. He scooted his body closer to mine, and wrapped his arms around me. Now our lips were closer than an inch. Perfect. He started to whisper to me.

"I love y-" I cut him off by gently pressing my lips, to his soft lips. I felt him smile under the kiss, and that made me smile too. He made it deeper. I didn't even think about Louis. I wonder if he even replied. I didn't care at that point in time. I was too tangled up in Niall. Tangled, was defiantly the word for that.

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