unearthly forest

4 people in a forest when strange things begin to happen


2. the attack


The dog pounced and caught hold of Alice's hair. It began to pull her away from us. I couldn't let it do this, where was the gun, where did Emily drop it? It didn't matter. I ran over to the dog and kicked it as hard as i could in the stomach. It winced and i pulled Alice behind me. Fear filled my entire body. My heart was banging against my chest and my hands were shaking.

I wanted to look at Alice, make sure she was okay, but i needed to keep my eye on the dog that was staring right into my eyes. Then i heard Emily screaming and i couldn't resist but to look around. Another dog was pulling at Emilys arm.

Then i felt the force of the first dog pounce on me and push me to the ground. I grabbed it's neck as it tried to get its teeth ahold of part of me. Then i heard Alice scream and the dog was kicked off me. I could barely breath, my life and my friends lives were at risk, i needed to protect them, we couldn't just kick the dogs off each other, it was time to shoot something.

Just then another dog jumped on Alice and she fell to the ground. I ran for the gun but then saw that Emily was holding it. She was covered in blood and screaming. Another dog was pulling Mike away by the arm and his ear was gone.

Emily took a shot but didn't hit anything. i ran and pushed her to the ground. She might hit mike. I took the gun off her and she was jumped by a dog. I kicked the dog off her and shot the dog in the head. Then amasingly the wind picked up, even though i didn't feel any.

The dog were being dragged away by the tails. In a few minutes we were all packing up our tents, worried that the dogs might come back.


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