Me & My Boys

This is a story written completely from Harry's Point Of View (POV)

The boys decide to go to the beach where they filmed WMYB to dig up some old memories literally the boys buried a time capsule
But do they meet someone new that might change their lives?


14. Your So Annoying!

I pushed Lola off of me and ran out of the room slamming the door behind me I ran down the stairs and hid in the stuffy closet I heard her hopping down the wooden steps
"Oh Harry?" She sang how could I not have realized how fucking crazy this chick was?!
I had to sneeze I tried to hold it in but sneezed quietly but just then the door lung open she jumped in and squished her body against mine shutting the door
"Hey Haz"
"Fuck me" I said under my breath she pecked my lips and tried to lift my shirt I stopped her
"Your so annoying!" I yelled she put her hands on my face
"Oh Harry relax" she said
"Relax" she leaned in and kissed me pinning me against the wall she wouldn't let me breath she just kept kissing me I grabbed I shoes from the top shelf and hit her over the head hard she fell to the ground I opened the closet door and dragged her down the hall and out into the backyard and stood at the edge of the giant pool I pulled her off of my shoulder and threw her in she swam up and started to cough I quickly got in and pulled her out and did chest compressions she wasn't breathing I did mouth to mouth and then she reached up and put her hands o. My face kissing me I flew back she giggled
"I'm a lifeguard silly you should know better" she said
I shook my head and got up and walked back into the house locking the doors and shutting the blinds I turned on the T.V in the downstairs bathroom and started to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians when I heard the door being unlocked.
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