Me & My Boys

This is a story written completely from Harry's Point Of View (POV)

The boys decide to go to the beach where they filmed WMYB to dig up some old memories literally the boys buried a time capsule
But do they meet someone new that might change their lives?


13. Uncontrollable

Lola continued to kiss me her hands on my chest was I letting this happen it seemed like it because my hands were on her waist she attempted to take off my blazer I sat up her on my lap she pushed it off and it was on my forearm when I shook it off onto the floor I never thought I'd be so uncontrollable....
I slipped her cardigan off her shoulders she slipped off her flats I kicked off my untied converse
My back was abasing the couch again she unbuttoned my pants
Were we really going to go this far what going on in my head? I slipped her shirt off over her head revealing her pink lace bra she smiled down at me and leaned down and kissed me again I placed my hands on her back and she flinched away she unlocked my lips and sat up
"What's wrong?" I said I realized this is the first thing we've said to each other
"Nothing your hands are cold" she said smiling I found the corners of my mouth curving up she slowly leaned down kissing me again I un buttoned her pants she slipped my shirt off she put her hands on my stomach she smiled at my chest
"Beautiful" she said
"I know you are" she looked at me and smiled
Did I actually like her? I don't even know whats going on anymore.
She pecked my lips she stood up and wiggled out of her skinny jeans revealing the matching underwear to her bra how adorable
She gestured to my pants was I sure about this? I don't even know yet
"Are you sure about this Lo?" I asked
She walked up and put her hands on my face
"I wouldn't be here if I wasn't Haz" she said looking into my eyes
I think you know what happened next....

The next morning...
I woke up in my bed the side Lola slept on last night was empty I sighed I didn't expect her to stay when I smelt food I slid on a pair of track pants and walked into the little kitchen to see Lola standing there In nothing but one of my shirts I smirked I went up behind her as she chopped oranges while everything laid on the table I put my hands on her waist and kissed her neck she giggled
"Good morning" she said
"Morning" I said grabbing an orange over her shoulder
"Last night was amazing" she said I smirked
"Thanks same here" I said I sipped the cup of apple juice she had laid out for me
"Your way better than Louis" she said I choked on my apple juice and started to cough
"Louis? Don't you mean Zayn?" I asked
"No I've slept with Louis" she said
"You what?" I asked coughing
"I've slept with Louis and Zayn and you" she said I stood up and walked towards her her back to the counter
"What did you say?" I asked
"Don't get mad" she said looking into my eyes
"I'm not mad I just want to know" I said
"Ok well I've slept with Louis Zayn and now you Zayn doesn't know about you and Louis and he never will" Lola says
"Lola if Zayn finds out you could have single handedly ruined the band look what you did over a simple kiss? Just imagine what he'd do to me and Louis if he found out we slept with you" I said keeping calm she bit her finger I hated the fact it turned me on
"I don't know Harry I couldn't contain myself We went to a beach with a hotel we all stayed in seperate rooms I didn't even stay with Zayn Louis was sending me signs all night and when we got back I knocked on his door and he let me in and you know" she said
"What about Eleanor?" I asked
"He said they broke up a while back but he never even told us" she explained
"Lola Zayn can never find out never" I said she started to cry
"I feel so horrible I cheated on my boyfriend with two of his Bestfriends slash bandmates" she said crying I hugged her to my chest
"Look Lola everything is going to be alright" I soothed
"Why are you helping me? I ruined your friendship with the boys?" She said
"That doesn't matter right now what matters is your upset you need soothing" I said she looked up and kissed me I kissed her back she put her hands in the curls at the back of my neck I put my hands on her waist I pushed the cutting board and everything away and lifted her up onto the counter her phone started to ring from her pants on the floor by the couch she made me get it the caller ID was Zayn I handed it to her she answered it, it was kinda awkward standing there after we just slept together and might do it again while she talked to her boyfriend AKA my Ex Bestfriend.
"Yeah I'm ok"
"Where am I? Oh I left to go out of town with a few friends" she lied
"Who? Oh um you know lifeguard buddies" she said
"Yeah be back soon love you bye" she said she hung up and threw it back onto the couch she instantly pulled me back close to her with her legs she locked her lips with mine again
She pulled my pants down a little
I think you know what happened next....

A few hours later
Lola said she was meeting lifeguard friends at the beach so she had to go she wore the skinny jeans she wore last night and I let her cut one of my shirts to look like a tank top and she had to go kissing me one more time after she left it came down on me hard what the hell was I doing? I slept with my best mates girlfriend twice in less than a 48 hour window I punched the wall in anger I dressed and checked out I went back to Cheshire and my Mum wasn't home but Gemma was I instantly walked in and hugged her she hugged me soothingly rubbing my curls the way Liam used to I missed my boys so much I needed them in my life she whispered nice things in my ear the way Louis used to she rubbed my back the way Niall used to and she was warm the way Zayn used to be when I hugged him I went up stairs and packed my bags I raced back to London where me and the boys' house was I used my key to get into the house the natural light was the only light getting in the mansion
"Hello?!" I called like they'd answer me anyways I walked up to my room opening the door I put all my stuff away and changed into black skinny jeans and a red Jack wills pull over with white converse I went back down one of the sets of stairs and walked into the massive kitchen no sign of them I stopped and listened no sign of life
"Come on guys!" I yelled nothing
I went up the stairs again and stopped at Louis' door I had to push it open from the mess on the other side tripping over a remote control car I crashed against the door it slammed into the wall making the doorknob go into the wall I tried to pull it out but it was stuck I tried with all my might but it was still stuck I put my foot against the wall and tugged on the door knob it made a squeaking noise and before I could stop it, it popped out and sent me flying through the room I landing on my back I threw the door knob across the room I sighed got up and retrieved the doorknob and set it on the dresser stretching out cracking my back the room was dark I walked over and opened the blinds letting the light shine in I left his room the way it was messy. Except for the door stuck in the wall...
I walk to the room beside his Niall's I walk in the room was clean I didn't stick the door I'm the wall
Harry 1 house 1 the scores all tied up.
Niall wasn't in there but his wardrobe was open the clothes were gone did they move away? I opened his blinds and left I walked into Liam's which was right across the hall his was tidy except the suitcase on his bed medium size I opened it it was full of things like sweaters and shirts
I zipped it back up and put it back I opened his blinds and left I walked into Zayn's and saw a note on his bed

Me and the boys went on a little trip since you were out with your "Lifeguard Buddies" see you soon xo

I put the note down and walked down the stairs
"A friggin trip!" I yelled from the foyer
I walked to the kitchen and pulled out stuff to make a sandwich the door opened I looked in the direction
"Hello?!" A voice called it was Lola
"Zayn?!" She called
"They aren't here!" I called back footsteps approached the kitchen She came in and breathed a sigh of relief
"It's just you Hazza" she said I cleared my throat and didnt look at her she made me sick she stepped closer to me she was on the other side of the island
"So what are you doing?" She asked sitting on one of the stools
"Making a sandwich" I said sternly
"Can I have one?" She asked I slid over the ingredients
"I mean can you make me one silly" she said I lost my appetite
"You can have mine" I said I walked over to her and handed her the sandwich I cleaned up my mess and walked out of the kitchen and up to the upstairs living room I sat on the couch and looked through the channels "Avatar" by James Cameron I sat there for about 10 minutes in peace when Lola came up the steps and flopped down beside me
"Hey" she said
"Hey" I said flatly
"Remember what happened the last time we were on a couch?" She asked she said moving closer to me I looked at her and then back at the movie was she seriously doing this now?
I sighed she kissed below my ear I felt the urge to throw up she knew that was my weak spot but really it was making my stomach weak
I got up and went to my room she skipped behind me
"Lola please some alone time would be nice" I said
"Alone time? Can't we just have fun?" She asked I ignored her and kept walking she stopped following me and went back to the living room I laid on my back listening to music in peace finally when Lola bursted in
I took out my head phones and sat up arching myself up with my elbows
"What so you want?" I asked
"You" she said jumping onto me pinning me down
"Even if I have to force you"
"Get off of me" I said coldly she stayed put how am I going to get out of this one?
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