Me & My Boys

This is a story written completely from Harry's Point Of View (POV)

The boys decide to go to the beach where they filmed WMYB to dig up some old memories literally the boys buried a time capsule
But do they meet someone new that might change their lives?


11. Interviews.

3 weeks later...
I finished getting ready I was going to the mall I wanted to try and have a normal day here.
"Mum! I'm leaving now!" I called up the steps as I reached the bottom
"Alright love you baby!" She called back down Baby? Ok then. I grabbed my wallet and put it in my back pocket and grabbed my keys and walked outside to my car I got in and started it and drove to the mall. I got out of the car I walked down the full parking lot path I was just stepping on the walkway when someone started flashing pictures of me I just kept walking with my head down I walked in the nearest door and stepped into a store trying to loose him I did.
I walked into Hollister and bought a couple of things I walked around when I saw a striped shirt on display tears filled my eyes I sniffled and blinked them back and payed for my stuff and left no one has really recognized me yet, well except for that photographer I walked out of the store and ran into a girl
"I'm sorry" I said she looked up at me
"No no it's ok I had my head down" she said
"Mine was too were both guilty I said
"Yeah I guess I'm Faith and you are..?" She asked
"Harry" I said putting down a bag and sticking my hand out
"Nice to meet you Harry" she said smiling at me
"So where are you going?" I asked hoping she was staying
"I'm actually leaving" she said
"Hey what will it take to make you stay?" I asked she smiled
"I don't know maybe a frozen yogurt?" She said
"Done I haven't been here for a while so can you direct me?" I said she smiled
"It's this way" she said turning I picked up my bags and trailed after her
We arrived at the frozen yogurt place and the music was blaring the only problem was it was me and the boys' song "Rock Me"
"Ooh I like this song" she said as my voice came on as the first verse
"Have you ever heard it?" I asked
"No but I love it" she said as we walked up to the counter
"I wantcha to Rock Me Rock Me Rock Me" Niall sung
Louis came up for the course I smiled he had such an amazing voice
We sat with our orders and looked around

Later that day...
Me and Faith had to go we put our numbers in each others phones and started to walk to our cars she was walking behind me
"Um are you following me?" I asked
"Me follow you?" She said
"Yeah" I said
"My cars parked right over there" she said pointing to the VW Bug right beside my Audi R8
We stopped I pressed the unlock button on my keys and the lights flashed on my car
"Nice ride" she said as she unlocked her car
"Oh this it's nothing" I said smirking
"Nice" she said
I arrived at the house and was greeted by my Mum with her worried look
"What?" I asked
"Your on T.V" she said I raced to the living room where Gemma was sitting with popcorn she looked up at me I glanced at her and back at the T.V
"Smooth one H" she said I glared at her and stood fists clenched the pictures the man took of me were on the screen while TMZ talked about me
It showed the office room that blond but with the long hair said:
I hear him and the boys have had quite the amount of tension and I think that tension turned into a lot more" he said
"Well we have a clip of the rest of the boys at an interview seemed to be all smiles" said the guy with the water bottle Harvey I think? The clip came up and there were the boys on a late show smiling and laughing with each other an empty seat next to Niall he glanced at it a couple times frowning but then smiling again as he turned his head back to the boys
"So where's Harry?" The interviewer asked
"He's um sick" Zayn said I yelled in anger
"That little shit!" I yelled
"Harry language" my Mum said
"Screw that" I said I went up to my room and slammed the door hard.
I turned on the T.V on my room and TMZ was on still
"I hear their doing and interview later tonight" the girl said
"What time?" Harvey and I asked at the same time
"8:00" the other girl said
I looked at the clock
"Where?" Harvey asked
"Late late show" the girl said
I looked at the clock again I had time to make it I threw on some decent interview clothes black skinny jeans a white shirt and a navy blue blazer and white skinny jeans I brushed threw my curls and flipped them and walked down the stairs
"Where are you going?" My Mum asked
"To the interview" I said clutching the duffle I had packed I might as well stay the night there but not at the house I will get a hotel room.
She nodded letting me go I walked out and threw the bag in threw the window and got in and started the car I drove back to London and reached the late late studio about 5 minutes late
"Hey Harry is here" one of the hair dresser says
"Hi guys where's the stage entrance?" I asked
"The shows in progress don't you wanna wait for the break?" She asked I found it
"Nope" I said as I walked towards the entrance I looked out the only empty seat was next to Niall again he kept looking at the chair again frowning and back up at the boys I looked the audience was full of girls I looked down flipped my curls one more time
"So how has this been with the new alb-" the interviewer was cut off by screaming girls as I came into view I walked across the entrance way clapping girls surprised looks on all of the boys' faces I fixed my blazer and stepped up onto the carpet area I walked up to the interviewer
"Sorry I'm late I was uh Sick" I said shooting a glare at Zayn he shook it off and gave me a clip mic to go on my shirt I put it on and started walking to my seat when Niall jumped up and wrapped me in a much needed Horan hug I heard him sniffle he was crying I hugged him back nuzzling my head in his shoulder
"Look at that folks reunited" I glanced over at Louis he was looking at me with a flat expression are you kidding me? He's on team Malik? Larry Stylinson? I'd rather vote Narry Storan.

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