Me & My Boys

This is a story written completely from Harry's Point Of View (POV)

The boys decide to go to the beach where they filmed WMYB to dig up some old memories literally the boys buried a time capsule
But do they meet someone new that might change their lives?


3. Home Videos :)

We pulled up to the house and we jumped out of my car taking in the case but leaving the shovel in the trunk for tomorrow.

Zayn got in first and plugged the camera into the T.V and pressed play the first scene was Zayn

"How do you feel about our messy room Zayn?" Liam's voice said

"Well I am going to be honest... I have mixed feelings about it but the thing that bothers me most is Louis' stinky toms laying around" Zayn said pointing to the toms Liam turned and filmed it

"Evidence" he said we laughed the doorbell rang

"I'll get it" I said and walked down the hall and flipped my curls before I opened the door

"Hello, sir would you like to buy any cook-" uh oh girl scouts! she screamed and dropped the cookies on the ground

"Its Harry your Harry Styles!' she screamed

"Yep" I said smiling at her she ran into my house and hugged me she was up to my waist she hugged my leg

"You were saying?" I asked as I kneeled down to her height

"Would you like to buy any cookies?" She asked I smiled at her

"Louis want some girl scout cookies?" I called down the hall waiting for a yes or no when I heard patting of feet coming down the hall his toms slapping against the tile

he ran out and kneeled to the girls height like me

"How much do you got Love?" he asked she smiled widely

"27 Boxes"

"I'll have 27" he said

she smiled

"All of the cookies?" she asked

"Have you met Niall?" he asked her

"True" she said

"Sign here" she said

he sighed his name and handed it to her she gave him two medium cardboard boxes full of the boxes of cookies

"Thank you love" he said and kissed her cheek

"No thank you" she said

she left and we shut the giant door which caused an echo

"Can you grab that Harry?" he asked picking up one of the boxes

"Yep" I said

I followed him down the hall as we entered the living room

"christmas came early Niall" Louis said as we dropped the boxes

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