Me & My Boys

This is a story written completely from Harry's Point Of View (POV)

The boys decide to go to the beach where they filmed WMYB to dig up some old memories literally the boys buried a time capsule
But do they meet someone new that might change their lives?


15. Go Liam!

The door was unlocking I looked at the doorknob the whole time sitting on the last step the door swung open and the boys walked in Zayn with his arm around Lola, she winked at me I felt sick
I stood up they all looked me over
I was expecting a lecture from Liam a dirty look from Louis a glare from Niall and an insult from Zayn but the only thing I got was Louis crashing into my chest hugging me I smiled
I got my Boobear back! Liam walks over and hugs me too
"Hold up, Harry I can't believe you locked Lola out!" Zayn shouts at me
"After she attempted to have sex with me multiple times" I feel Louis tense up and I also see Niall tense up too oh no did she sleep with him too?
"I would never I'm with Zayn and Zayn only" she says I roll my eyes and shake my head
"Your such a liar Lola and you can't even admit it to the one you" I put up air quotes
"Love" I put them down
"What are you talking about Harry?" Zayn says
"Zayn she's not going to do it so I might as well be the bigger person" I said Lola begged me with her eyes
"I slept with Lola" I simply flat out said Zayn lunges for me Liam and Niall hold him back
"You fucked my girlfriend!" He yells
"Hey she came to my hotel room she bursted threw my door she did it to me!" I yelled back
"Is that supposed to make it any better?!" He yells
"Harry's lying!" She yells
"Am I how come you slept wi everyone in this band but Liam?! You disgusting whore!" I yell Zayn stops trying to read for me and looks at Louis and Niall
"She said you guys were over" Louis says
"She got me drunk" Niall says that's when Liam snapped
"Is this true Lola?!" Liam yells she nods
"You slut!" Liam yells she shakes her head
"You slept with everyone in this band gladly besides me are you serious Hrry who is younger than you Louis who has just broken up with his girlfriend Zayn who thought you loved him and poor innocent Niall what the fuck is wrong with you?!" He yells
"I don't know I couldn't pick so I just-" Liam cuts her off
"Why the fuck are you still here?! Get the fuck out!" He yells she looks us all over waiting for us to stick up for her and then she grunts and walks out we all hug
"Zayn I am so sorry you have no idea she made me think she really liked me!" I say trying to hold back my tears
"It's ok Harry I forgive you" he says and hugs me Louis and Niall apologize too she. Here's a knock at the door
Liam gets it
"Gt the fuck off my porch no one wants to here go away.!" He yells
"Ew don't touch me, get away from me, yuck" he says we all chuckle as he slams the door on her face
"God she's so fucking stupid" Liam says we get into a big group hug I'm so glad t have my boys back

Wait for the Sequel!
Me & My Boys 2.0

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