Me & My Boys

This is a story written completely from Harry's Point Of View (POV)

The boys decide to go to the beach where they filmed WMYB to dig up some old memories literally the boys buried a time capsule
But do they meet someone new that might change their lives?


4. Food Shopping With Niall

"Come on Niall!" I yelled up the stairs

"coming Harry god!" he yells while walking down throwing a hoodie over his head.

"So where are we going first?" I asked

"I dont know think of a place" Niall says as we walk out with a list and get into the car

"Walmart" I said starting the car Niall shrugged

"Sounds good." He said

We arrived at walmart Niall grabbed a cart and so did I we walked down the halls picking up things that we usually would buy I didnt usually enjoy food shopping but this time I had to do it today while the other boys went to fill the hole we made at the beach in I'd rather be there Niall said that we were out of food and that seemed pretty important to him that we had to go before he "Starved to death"

2 hours later....

We packed all our grocerys in the car and started our drive home, Niall was listening to music and singing along to some words.

We arrived at the house and the boys were there and still wearing their pajamas

as they were helping us with putting away the food

"Did you guys even go?" I asked Louis shook his head

"Nope" He said with a smile

"Why not I went grocery shopping" I said

"Hey we had fun" Niall said

"Dont mean to hurt your feelings or anything Niall but I didnt have fun I'm not obsessed with food" I said he nodded

"I see how it is" we laughed

and put back all the grocerys.

The boys came back down ready we changed into swim trunks and T-shirts and got in the range rover making sure the shovel was still in the trunk

We drove over to the beach and walked over to the place where the hole was and Niall started to fill it in we sat there and watched the lifeguard from yesterday came over

"Hey you guys actually came back" she said

"Yeah did you not believe that we would?" he asked

"I had my doubts" she said sitting down

"What kind of doubts?" I asked raising my brows she smiled at me

"Harry could you not flirt with anyone for one day?" Louis said embarrassing me she blushed though

"aww look shes blushing whats your name anyways?" Louis added

'Lola" She said

'Lola pleasure to meet you" Louis said

'Pleasures all mine" Lola says

Louis smiles

"Louis Lola is mine" I said wrapping arms around her and pulling her against me she giggled

'No shes mine" Louis said reaching for her but I moved her away he reached again but I picked her up birdal style and ran for the water I ran into the water

"Harry" she giggled

I stood and her back was just touching the water.

When the rest of the boys came splashing in Louis tackled me into the water I laughed as me and Lola fell into the water we came up and he turned into a huge splash war

Maybe this girl could be our friend


This story isnt the best one I have written I know that I dont really know what else to put to entertain you guys so if you want to out any thing in as an idea feel free to out it in the comment section :)

Thanks! XX






























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