Me & My Boys

This is a story written completely from Harry's Point Of View (POV)

The boys decide to go to the beach where they filmed WMYB to dig up some old memories literally the boys buried a time capsule
But do they meet someone new that might change their lives?


10. Fight Night.

I had decided to stay but none of the boys will talk to me, Not even Liam. its been a week they should get over it by now not even Lola will talk to me. When I woke up I heard laughing and shouting I slowly walked down the stairs they were in the kitchen great.. I was going to get a drink this is going to be awkward. I walked into the kitchen and looked over at the table they were playing some sort of card game I walked over to the fridge they were silent they didnt even whisper or look at me I walked over to the fridge and grabbed the jug of water I took a glass out of the cabinet I could feel eyes burning threw my back they must be staring at me most likely Zayn is giving me a death stare I poured the water in the glass and put the jug back in the fridge grabbed the cup and walked up the stairs again I sat with my back against the head board of my bed and sipped the water I was almost done when I threw the cup at the wall out of anger it shattered and the water went everywhere I put my head in my hands I aggressively took out my suit case and threw a lot of clothes in it I threw a picture frame with a picture of me and the boys across the room it shattered I yelled in anger and finished packing I went through the house holding my suitcase by the handle I went out to my car and put my suitcase in the trunk of my range rover and backed out of the drive way I had changed inside the house I put on sun glasses and sped down the road towards my home town
Holmes Chapel Cheshire

I just finished being on the phone with my Mum she didn't see this coming she said she will clear my room and change my sheets I thanked her and drove on
I arrived at the house Mum hugged me and kissed my cheek
"Are you ok?" She asked I nodded
"Fine Mum" I said we talked as I brought my suitcase inside I walked into my room and put my suit case down and laid on my bed.
"Harry you can't sleep in skinny jeans Baby" my Mum says from the door I laid still
"Harry?" A familiar voice said I turned my head and Gemma was standing in my room I got off my bed and ran towards her I engulfed her short figure in a hug
"I've missed you baby Bro" she said
"I've missed you too Gemma" I said

Hey guys! Will anything get better between the boys? Or will it break the band up forever?

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