Me & My Boys

This is a story written completely from Harry's Point Of View (POV)

The boys decide to go to the beach where they filmed WMYB to dig up some old memories literally the boys buried a time capsule
But do they meet someone new that might change their lives?


9. Does Everyone Hate Me?

I walked into the house and shut the door slowly and quietly I walked past the open kitchen door and saw a little light I peeked around the corner and saw Liam sitting there I tried to tip toe past but he saw me

"Harry.." He said I sighed and looked up and looked at him

"Come here" He said standing up

"Are you going to hit me?" I asked

"Why would I hit you?" He asked

"Because thats what everybody seems to want to do lately" I said

"I would never" Liam said I started to walk into the kitchen slowly when he nodded to me I looked at him my eyes brewing with tears

He out stretched his arms I slowly walked into them placing my head on his shoulder he put his arms around me I cried silently

"What happened?" he asked

"Dont you know?" I asked

"Not really" He says

"Lola kept saying that I was jealous so I told her if I kissed her it wouldnt mean anything so we kissed and then she told Zayn and Zayn got mad and its a disaster Liam" I said into his shoulder we backed up from each other and stood staring at each other

"Why did you run away and not try to work out the issue?" Liam says

"Well Zayn was saying hes gonna kick me out of the band" I said whipeing away my tears

"He cant do that" Liam said looking down  he looked to be in thought

"Unless?" I asked knowing something else was coming

"Unless we all vote that we want you out."

"Do you?" I asked panicking

"I dont know who does" He said

"Thanks for the coversation but it didnt really help" I said walking away

"You dont make it easy" Liam said after me I just walked to my room and sat on the foot of my bed head in my hands should I leave or should I stay?

I didnt know what to do this blew up in my face could Zayn be over reacting?

I dont know maybe I should just leave...










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