Me & My Boys

This is a story written completely from Harry's Point Of View (POV)

The boys decide to go to the beach where they filmed WMYB to dig up some old memories literally the boys buried a time capsule
But do they meet someone new that might change their lives?


5. 3 Months Later :)

3 Months Later!

Lola has moved in with us and is now our closest friend.

"Good morning Lo" I say as I walk threw the door way of the living room she was watching 'Teen Mom' I chuckle

'16 Year olds getting pregnant" I shook my head

"Hey some of these girls are like 18" she said

"Either way its like me getting you pregnant" I said she turned

"I want that" she said me and Lo always play flirt and joke around....

"oh do you?" I said leaning in she leaned in

"Oh yeah" she said and put a finger under my chin

"Do me" she said we laughed

she went back to focusing on her show so I tugged her onto my lap

"'Harry" she whined

"Shush I only want a little cuddle it wont kill you" I said

"Are you sure cause your grip on my waist is really tight" She said

I loosened my grip and she slipped out of my arms

thats when Zayn walked into the room

"Baby!" Lola cheered and jumped into Zayn's arms

Thats when things got Get-A-Room-ish they connected lips and started to make-out RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME

Oh yeah did I mention her and Zayn are dating?

Yeah they are...

"Guys seriously Farrah is arguing with her mother again I would love it if you would pospone your tonsil tennis for a time where I am OUT of the room not sitting right infornt of you" I said

They chuckled then left the room

"Atleast where a condom you dont wanna end up like Janelle!" I yelled after them sloutching down on the couch

"But I need that one thing" I started ti sing our song as I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge and poured myself some milk when Louis walked into the room

"Have you gone into Zayn's room in the last Mintute?" I asked him

"No why?" he asked

"Good stay out I think they are up there you know snogging" I said pausing I shivered

"Eww just the thought" I added also shivering again

"What no tea this morning Harold?" he said seeing no tea cups on the stove.

"Sorry I was busy trying to convince Zayn and Lo to get a room" I said

"Oh Hazza is sassy this morning" Louis said turning on the kettle

"I just didnt get enough sleep" I said

"Uh huh sure anyways what have you been doing this fine morning besides getting the love birds to get a room?" Louis askeds

"Watching Teen Mom" I said Louis let out a chuckle

"Can you believe that show? thats like you getting Lola pregnant" Louis said

"Thats what I said!" I almost shouted Louis chuckled so did I

"Should we wreck their snog time while the tea is steaping?" Louis says rasing his eye brows

"Hell yeah" I said we got up and put tea bags in two cups and poured in the water and walked up the stairs and slammed the door open to see them making out ontop of each other

"Gross!" Louis yelled Zayn rolled off of Lola

"You guys should be disgusted with yourselves" Louis says I laughed in the doorway

"Yeah thats gross" I added Lola threw a pillow at me

"Traitor!' she yelled I made a pouty face after I dodged the pillow making it hit Niall's door

"Go away!" she yelled laying back again

me and Louis laughed

"Wear a condom and next time lock your door Zayn" Louis said we laughed as we walked down the stairs..


"That was hilarious!" I yelled as we walked down the stairs, we finished making our teas and sat down at the table sipping them

Niall came down the stairs scratching the backof his head

"Hey Nialler" I said

"Hey guys" he said, He went over and made a bowl of cereal and sat down beside me

"I woke up this morning and one of Zayn's pillows were infront of my door so I open his door to give it back and him and Lola are friggin doing it!" he says

"They are just disgusting they never learn..." Louis said I laughed

"So how long have you guys been up?" he asked

"Not long" I say with a shrug

"Cool" Niall goes to scoop up some cereal when Liam walked in the door he took the spoon out a whipped it down the hall and looked back at Liam with a smile

"Morning Liam" He said Liam looked at him funny

"Good morning Niall" he said. Once Liam turned his back we snickered

He looked back at us we acted normal

"Ok what am I missing here?" he asked

'Nothing we promise you Liam" Louis said

"Except for the fact Ni had a spoon and when you came in he whipped it down the hall" I said

Liam chuckled

"Ok now I get it" He said chuckling

"Yep When are Zayn and Lola going to be finished? we gotta go!" Louis whined

"Hurry up Zayn we gotta go!" Louis yelled loudly

I laughed we all went into the living room and watched the rest of Teen Mom while we waited for Lola and Zayn. 






















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