An Old Friend

Summer and Harry know each other since ever. They had great moments together but they don't talk anymore like before since he got famous. When Harry finally comes back to Holmes Chapel, he finds Summer and remember an old feeling: he loves her.


3. Weird feeling.



We spend the whole day in that field. Summer told me everything that happened to her while I was in tour. In that time, I realized that all those conversations we had on Skype was only to talk about me. I felt horrible because of it. I mean, I had a lot of things to tell her, but she did too. And I never asked her what happened in that day, just if she was fine. And the whole time she was talking, I listened with all my attention. I didn't want to miss any other thing about her life.

When it started to get dark, we went to my home. Now, we're watching her favourite movie, The Notebook. She's snuggled in my arms, a blanket covering us. I just feel right, you know? I mean, I'm with Summer. Nothing else matter when I'm with her. I look at her. Her light brown hair is perfect, curly like mine. Her big and blue eyes, paying so much attention in that movie that she watched a hundred times. Her smile to see the way Noah look to Allie.

She's perfect.

Suddenly, she looks at me. "There's something in my hair, Curly?," she asks. Damn, she realized I was staring at her. "Ah, no. Not at all," I smile. "Hum," she returns her attention to the movie again. "Summer?," I whisper. She looks at me and I get lost in her eyes... Concentre yourself, Harry! "What?," she laughs. "There's something I need to do," I say, even don't knowing what it is. "Okay?," she answers, a bit confused. So I look at her lips. Those lips that when are forming a smile I can't help but smile too. I want to kiss her. I need to kiss her. I always needed this, but I only realized this now. 

I start getting even more closer to her and she doesn't seems to retreat. Then my lips find hers and all my body shivers. A wave of good feelings invade my mind and I desperately wish I could freeze the time. I never felt like this before while I was kissing someone. This is really really weird. That's must to be because I never felt in love for any of them... Wait!

Do I love Summer?


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