An Old Friend

Summer and Harry know each other since ever. They had great moments together but they don't talk anymore like before since he got famous. When Harry finally comes back to Holmes Chapel, he finds Summer and remember an old feeling: he loves her.


13. The "yes" that I liked most to hear.


Summer held my hand tight as we entered in the enormous gym. Everyone began to look at us. I prefer to think that they were staring because Summer was really gorgeous tonight, not because I'm Harry Styles. Shades of pink covered her face and she smiled shyly. Suddenly, the photographer came close to us and asked us to take the official pictures. We both followed him and we found a table full of props. Summer looked at me, smiling. She took a heart shaped glasses and puts it on me. She couldn't help but laugh at me. I took a mustache and put it on her. "So... The couple is ready?," the photographer asked. Summer looked down, shyly. Then, I took her hand and smiled at her.

We took a lot of photos together and then we went to the dance floor. Summer was shy at first. Everyone was still staring at us, for my fault. But when a song of her favourite band started playing, she forgot about everyone. Then, it was just me and her. And I loved every single moment. When the prom finished, Summer went to my house.

Now, she is on the shower. I look at her book of photos and the box in my desk. Okay, Harry. You're going to ask her today. Just... Act cool. Suddenly, the bathroom door opens, interrupting my thoughts. Summer shows up, wearing my Ramones T-shirt. It looks more like a dress to her but I can't help but smile. My favourite girl wearing my favourite shirt. Oh god, have I already said that she's perfect?

She sits by my side in bed and I start saying, "Huh, I have a gift for you." "Really? And what is it?," she asks, excited. I stand up and I take the book first. I give it to her. "Open in the last page, please," I whisper. "You're scaring me," she laughs, "but... Okay then." She opens the book, carefully. She smiles at seeing the photo I put there. When she starts to read what I wrote, I take the box with the ring. I stop in front of her, waiting her to finish the reading. I can see a tear rolling down her face when she finishes. 

"Harry," she tries to say something else but I start to say. "Summer, you're the most amazing girl of the world and I had the honor to met you. While I was on tour, I couldn't stop thinking of you. I never forgot your smile, your beautiful eyes, your hair, your voice. I... I love you, Summer. I really do. I never met someone so perfect like you and I'm sure I'll never find. And what I most want right now is you to be mine," I look at her, "Summer, do you want to be my girlfriend?," I ask her. 

Another tear rolls down her face and she smiles at me. Her hand strokes my cheek for a few seconds. I close my eyes because of the good shiver in my body thanks to her touch. "Harry," she whispers softly and I look back at her, "I want to be your girlfriend." I take the ring out of the box and put in her finger. She laughs, "It looks like you're proposing me." "One day, in the future," I smile.

She smiles back at me and I know: this is the best decision I've ever made in my whole life.

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