An Old Friend

Summer and Harry know each other since ever. They had great moments together but they don't talk anymore like before since he got famous. When Harry finally comes back to Holmes Chapel, he finds Summer and remember an old feeling: he loves her.


6. The old book of photos.


Flashback on

"What are you doing here?," Harry asked to Scott, with his hands in my waist. "I, huh, you know, I came to ask a jar of water," Scott seemed to be a bit nervous. "A jar of water?," I asked, trying not to laugh. "Yeah, but I gotta go now. See you tomorrow, Summer," Scott said fast and then he went away.

Flashback off


I'm seated in my bed trying to do homework. Harry is seated by my side, playing with my hair. Suddenly, he says, "Don't you think that's weird the fact of Scott coming here to ask your mother a jar of water?" "Yes, I think that's really weird," I laugh. "And he wasn't even with a jar of water in hands," Harry continues and I look at him, "And he lives miles and miles away from here and he has neighbors... C'mom!" "You're right, Curly," I say, still laughing.

"Can I ask you something?," he whispers. "Yep" "What is that?," he points to a different book in my shelf. I smile. "I did that," I answer, "Actually, is a book of photos." "Really? Can I see?" "Sure."

He gets off the bed, take the book and back to sit by my side. I look at him while he opens it. The first picture is the first we took together. We should be five or six and there were drawing of a cat in our faces. He smiles and goes to the next page. More pictures of both of us. The whole book has just pictures of us. My mom gave me the idea of create a book with photos of me and my friends a long time ago. She said that I would love to see this book in the future, because I would remember the good times I had with them. But the truth is: Harry is my only friend. 

"I like this," he whisper when he finishes the book. I smile at him shyly, feeling the shades of red covering my face. Harry hugs me and gives me a kiss on the forehead. These moments make me feel special. Loved. "Can I stay with the book for a while?," he asks. "Why do you want this?" "Hm, not telling," he smiles. God, I hate when people hide things from me. And this happened two times today. But I trust him. "Okay," I finally answer. "Thanks, babe!," he gets up from the bed, "I gotta go now. Bye!"

"Bye?," I say but he is already gone. Well, this was weird. Completely weird. Suddenly, my mom appears at the door, smiling. "Hey, mom," I say. She comes in and sits by my side in bed. "Huh, I think you need to know something," she starts, "Scott is coming for dinner today." "WHAT?," I ask, annoyed. She laughs at me, gets up and goes off my room. Then, she appears again and whisper to me before goes away again, "I think he really likes you."

But I don't like Scott. I like Harry. I love Harry.

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