An Old Friend

Summer and Harry know each other since ever. They had great moments together but they don't talk anymore like before since he got famous. When Harry finally comes back to Holmes Chapel, he finds Summer and remember an old feeling: he loves her.


17. Scott's visit.


"Come in!," Summer says. Her mother comes into the room and widens her eyes to see us lying in bed. Summer quickly sits and asks, "What's up, mom?" "Huh, Scott is in the living room and he wants to talk to you." "Well, say to him that I don't want to." "Why?" Summer looks at me and then to her mother again, and answers, "He owes me an apology. If that's not what he is going to tell me, I will not go down." "Okay," her mother replies, "I'll say it to him." 

I wait for her mother to leave and say, "Why Scott owes you an apology?" "We don't have to talk about this," Summer says, looking down. "Mm, but I want to," I whisper, kissing her neck, "Did he hurt you?" "No," she smiles because of the kisses. "So, what he did?" "Mm," she pulls away and look right into my eyes, "he tried to kiss me." My smile immediately dissapears from my face and I get up from the bed. I actually don't know exactly what I'm about to do. "Harry?," Summer seems to be a bit worried. "I'll be back," I say and I leave the room. I find Summer's mother on the stairs, heading toward her room. In the living room, I see Scott sitting on the couch and go to him.

"Hi, Scott," I say and he turns to me. He gets up and stop in front of me. "Harry! What are you doing?" "I'm just spending time with my girlfriend," I smile and he gets serious. "I think being best friend is really different of being boyfriend, you know," he finally says. "I know," I reply. He swallows hard and forces a smile. Suddenly, Summer appears on the living room and stops by my side. I hug her by the waist and she cringes in my arms. Scott seems a bit disappointed, but he's still trying to force a smile. "Huh, Summer, can we talk in private?," Scott asks. Summer looks at me as if to say: you can go, it's okay. 

I'll go to the kitchen and wait here for a few minutes, but it seemed hours. Summer enters in the kitchen and hugs me. She has to lift her head to look in my eyes, because she is really short. I can't help but smile, just to have her in my arms. "He apologized," she whispers and smiles. "It's good that he has did it, but I would force him to do," I joke and she laughs. "I really don't want to talk about this," she smiles cheekly, "I was thinking, you know... I want you to continue what you were doing earlier." 

With my hands on her waist, I pull her close to me. The kiss gets increasingly full of desire. Her hands walk up and down in my back until they stop definitely on my waist, finding the hem of my pants. We both smile during the kiss and my hands come into her shirt, pulling her body closer to mine. "Harry," she tries to say. "Mm?" "Not here, my mom is at home," she whispers. I pick her up in my lap, her legs around my waist. We enter into her room and I lock the door. Still kissing, I lay her in bed, getting myself on top of her. Then, I stop the kiss for a bit, as if to ask: you're okay?

She smiles, biting her lower lip, and nods shyly with her head.

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