An Old Friend

Summer and Harry know each other since ever. They had great moments together but they don't talk anymore like before since he got famous. When Harry finally comes back to Holmes Chapel, he finds Summer and remember an old feeling: he loves her.


11. Preparing a surprise.


Okay. So I have Summer's old book of photos and a box with a ring inside of it. Tomorrow is her big day and I want to give her something special. Something she will never forget. I'm sitting in my desk for hours since Summer left my house, thinking of what I can do with these things. You know, I want Summer to be my girl. I don't want to go back on tour with the thought that she isn't mine and that other boys can have the chance to kiss her or even come closer to her. I want to tell the world that the most beautiful girl is mine. Only mine. 

Suddenly, I hear a knock on my door. "Come in," I say. The door opens and my mom enters the room. She sits in my bed and I sit next to her. Her hands starts to play with my hair and I sigh. "Mom, I need your help," I say unconsciously. "For what?," she replies gently. "Huh, Summer's graduation is tomorrow," I start to say and I see her smiling, "and I want to give her something special." "Do you have something in mind?" "You know, I have a book of photos and a... ABoxWithARing" "What?," she laughs. I said it so fast... But I know she understood. She just want me to repeat the last part. "Huh, I want Summer to be mine," I whisper.

"Oh, okay then," she says, with a smile full of meaning. "So, mom, do you have any idea for help me?" "Yeah, I'll come back in seconds. Wait here," she goes out off the room. I don't know what she's planning or what she's going to do, but I trust her. She's the best. In a matter of seconds, she returns with a photo in hands. She hands me the photo and I can't help but smile. I was fifteen and Summer was fourteen. The day we promised we would be best friends forever. My mom doesn't know that. Actually, no one knows. Just me and Summer. But now I don't want to be just her best friend. 

"You can use this on the book of photos, write something too," my mom gives me an idea, "Write something cute, something you know she'll like... And then give her the ring." I give my mom a kiss on the cheek and she goes out off the room. I sit in my desk again and I write something to Summer. Something she said to me once and I never forgot. I know she'll like. Then I glue the photo next to the written. Now it's finished, I close the book and put the box on top of it.

I lay in my bed, thinking. Oh God, Summer is going to be even more prettier tomorrow. I can't wait to call her mine.

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