An Old Friend

Summer and Harry know each other since ever. They had great moments together but they don't talk anymore like before since he got famous. When Harry finally comes back to Holmes Chapel, he finds Summer and remember an old feeling: he loves her.


2. Like the old times.


By the time I opened the door and I saw Harry, my heart started beat faster and I tought it would rip my chest. He's using the Ramone's shirt that I love on him. "Hi Harry," I say and give him a big hug. Oh God, how I missed him! We distance ourselves and he's staring at me. I blush and bite my bottom lip. "What? There's something in my face?" I ask. "No, no! You're... Gorgeous!," he says, smiling. He opens his mouth to say something else, but Scott comes and greets Harry.

"Hi Scott," Harry says, his smile disappearing of his face, "Having fun with her?"

"We were doing some stuff for school," Scott explains, "But she makes this look like it's something cool." Harry just smile and takes my hand. I say goodbye to Scott and I follow Harry to his car. "Can I take you to somewhere?," he asks me. I nod and, during our little trip to the unknown place, I couldn't stop look at Harry. His green eyes are so perfect and they bring to me a feeling of protection and care every time I look at them. That curly hair that I used to play with my fingers for hours. That smile so "taking breath away" and those dimples that I think it's so cute! I love him.

Wait! I just... I love him? Well, I love him because he's my best friend, right? But I never felt weird by thinking of this. So, why this now? 

Suddenly, the car stops. I look at the window and I can't help but smile. It's a big and abandoned field that we used to come when we wanted to have a time just for us and no one to interrupt. I remember great moments I had at this field with Harry. Like when I was sad because of my parents' divorce and he took me here. He hugged me all the time and I remember something he said... "They will love you no matter what. It's impossible to stop loving you. You are the most amazing girl in this world. Never forget this, okay?"

Harry pulls off the car and opens the door for me. He takes my hand and pulls off the car too. Then, he whisper in my wear, making me shiver, "Like the old times, huh? What do you think?" "Perfect," I smile.

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