An Old Friend

Summer and Harry know each other since ever. They had great moments together but they don't talk anymore like before since he got famous. When Harry finally comes back to Holmes Chapel, he finds Summer and remember an old feeling: he loves her.


4. I'm in love with my best friend.


Harry just kissed me!

His hands in my waist, gently pulling me closer to him. I felt protected in his arms. His lips passionately kissing my lips. I look at him, shades of red covering my face. And a smile appears in both of our faces. I can see in his eyes that he's not kidding with me. 

And I felt right.

"I'm sorry," he whispers. "Don't be," I whisper back. "I don't know why I did this... I just-" he starts to say but I interrupt him, "Shut up, Harry." He laughs and the sparkles of his eyes get more intense. "Did you like it?," he asks. "I'm not obliged to answer this," we both laugh, "but I kind of... Yes, I did." 

He kisses my forehead and I rest my head in his chest. He hug me tight and we continue to watch the movie. Actually, my eyes are directed to the TV, but I'm not really paying attention in the movie. I just can't stop thinking about the kiss. It was totally unexpected for me, but I liked it anyway. I liked the way Harry was calm but passionately. I liked the way his hands touched my waist and I felt safe. I liked the way our lips were moving in perfect harmony. I liked the way I felt more happy than ever. Suddenly, I felt my eyes get heavy.

I wake up in Harry's bed. One of his arms is hugging my waist, not letting me to get away from him. I smile. I wish we could stay like this forever. Then I look at the clock and lack only twenty minutes to get my class. "Harry," I whisper. "Hm?," he opens his eyes. "I have class in twenty minutes." "Skip it! Stay here with me, please." "I would like to, but my mom will kill me if she finds out." "Okay, okay. I'll take you to school."

We get up off the bed. Harry drives me to my house first. I run to my room. I just change my clothes, brush my teeth and hair. Then I get my bag and come back to the car. We kept in silence during the whole way to school. We finally arrive and I look to Harry. "Thanks," I smile. "Anytime," he smiles back, "Can we have lunch after your school?" "Sure," I kiss him on the cheek and get out of the car, "Bye, Curly!" "Bye, Love," he screams while I'm doing my way to inside of school. 

During the whole classes, I couldn't stop thinking in only one thing: I'm in love with my best friend.

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