An Old Friend

Summer and Harry know each other since ever. They had great moments together but they don't talk anymore like before since he got famous. When Harry finally comes back to Holmes Chapel, he finds Summer and remember an old feeling: he loves her.


7. I want her to be my girl. Forever.


So Summer's graduation is going to be in three days. And I want to give her something special and unforgettable. I go to the shopping and just hang around, hoping to see something cool in a showcase. I see really expensive dresses, makeup, shoes. But it's not a Summer's thing, you know? I pass in front of a jewelry store and... Wait! I know what I'm going to buy for her! I enter in the store and a kind old lady comes to attend me.

"Hi, do you need something?," she asks. "Yeah, I want to give a ring to someone," I answer. "Someone special for you?," she smiles. "I want her to be my girl," I smile unconsciously, "Forever." She smiles again and brings some rings for me so I can choose one. Something simple, I decide. Summer likes everything that is simple. So I see the perfect ring: a white gold one with a diamond rather small. Summer will love it, I know. "This one," I point to it. "Simple but gorgeous," the old lady says. I pay for it and go away. 

By leave the store, I see Scott. He's looking at the showcase. Suddenly, he looks at me and comes to talk. "Hi Scott," I say with a I-don't-like-you face. "Hi Harry," he replies, "Were you inside this store?," he seems to be a bit worried. "Yep." "Why then?" "Not telling you. Sorry." "Okay, so I think you can know I'm having dinner at Summer's tonight," he smiles, as if he wanted to attack me. And he did it. But I won't show it to him. "Bye, Harry," he goes away. 

Why he's going to dinner at Summer's? That's the reason he was there earlier? And what if Summer likes him and she didn't tell me? Oh my god. 

I go home and I immediately go to my room. I start to cry in my bed. God, I must to be crazy. I'm crying for a girl. I never thought I would cry for a girl. But I like her. No, I don't like her. I love her. And I don't think I can live with the thought that Summer isn't mine.

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